Human Sexuality Exam #3

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After forgetting to take one birth control pill it is recommended that a woman
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One study of pregnant fathers found that when men shared their feelings with their partners,the relationship expanded in depth and intimacyA recently united sperm cell and ovum is calledzygoteamniocentesis is a check on fetal development and genetic disorders performed byTapping a sample of amniotic fluid and analyzing the cells found in itA miscarriage is also known asspontaneous abortionAn incision is made from the lower end of the vagina toward the anus to enlarge the vaginal opening for childbirth is referred to asepisiotomyHow do nutrients and oxygen in the mother's bloodstream enter the bloodstream of the infant?Although the two bloodstreams are not connected, substances pass into the fetus' bloodstream through the cell walls in the placentaBased on the research, if a child is not touched and held during the first few months and years of life, how would they behave as adults?The person would be more likely to have difficulty establishing intimate relationshipsMost boys learn about masterbation through _____; most girls learn through _______Friends; by accidentThere is a series of 3 shots that are given to adolescent girls for the prevention of what STI?HPV/Genital wartsWhich of the following statements concerning same-sex contact during adolescence is false?The majority of same-sex contact occurs between an adolescent and an older adult_______ is characterized by strong involuntary contractions of the muscles in the outer third of the vaginaVaginismusWhich of the following statements are true according to the text? 1. Sexual problems are quite common 2. People can experience sexual problems and still be satisfied with their sex lives and relationships 3. Lack of sexual desire is the sexual problem that most commonly reported by women 4. Erectile inhibition is the sexual problem most commonly reported by men1,2,3Of any childhood experience, childhood sexual abuse has the greatest negative impact on adult sexual functioningTrueAccording to the text, college students report that:87% of women and 94% of men have had an orgasmOne researcher found that the more rigidly orthodox that married members of ______ churches were, the less interest, response, and pleasure they reported in marital sex.Jewish, Protestant, and CatholicIn one study, lack of sexual desire was associated with all of the following relationship problems except ________.the woman experienced lubrication inhibitionJudi has noticed that, when she has intercourse with her husband for an extended period of time, the amount of vaginal lubrication decreases. This probably means thatshe is normal