Force and Motion Study Guide

Motion is the result of ___________ forces.
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Mass does not change from location to location; however ______ does. (Because if gravity)WeightObjects fall to Earths surface because of Earths large _____.MassGravitational pull depends on ____ and ________.Mass and distanceKnow: _________ forces do not CHANGE motion.BalancedGravity is a _____. Every object exerts a gravitational force on every other object.ForceA force is a ____ or ____ and these forces cause motion!Push or Pull___ force is the combination of all of the forces action on an object. Know how to determine net force!Net_______ _____ is a force that causes objects to start moving, stop moving, or change direction.Unbalanced forceAcceleration is a change in velocity's rate. Acceleration is a change in _____ or _____ (or both)Speed or directionDeceleration is a decrease in _____. (Know what this looks like on a velocity/time graph)Speed_______ is the tendency of an object to resist a change in motion. (This explains why seatbelts are in cars.)InertiaObjects move in the direction of the greatest ______.Force