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Organic compound
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Polysaccharidemany sugars put together - many rings (Cellulose, starch., glycogen)Starcha polysaccharide found only in plantsGlycogena polysaccharide found in animals, sometimes called animal starch - stored in liverCellulosea polysaccharide found only in plants - surrounds cell wallsAmino acidthe building blocks of proteinsNucleotidethe building blocks of nucleic acids, composed of 1 sugar, 1 base, and 1 phosphateDipeptidetwo amino acids put together, they are joined by a peptide bondGlycerolone of the building block of lipids; the backbone of a lipidFatty Acidone of the building blocks of lipids; three of these make up the side chains of a lipidamino groupcarbon dioxidefatty acidwaterdisaccharidemethyl groupdipeptidecarboxyl groupamino acidglycerolglucose, monosaccharidefat, lipidnucleotidehydroxl group