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Ralph is elected chief mainly because ________________.

He blew the conch.

Jack is the only character who possesses a _______.


Jack's triumph in capturing the first kill is ruined by _____________________.

Ralph and the signal fire.

Who talks Ralph out of giving up his position as chief?

Piggy and Simon

Simon discovers the beast is really _______________.

The corpse of a Parachutist.

Jack becomes the leader of his tribe by doing what?

Leaving Ralph's group and inviting the other to join.

Who suggests moving the fire from the mountaintop to the beach?


What is the Lord of the Flies literally?

sow's head on a stick

What is the Lord of the Flies figuratively?

evil in the boy's souls and minds

Who is the only character to actually climb the mountain in daylight to confront the beast?


Why is Wilfred tied up and beaten?

because Jack says so

Who kills Piggy?


Ironically, Ralph's life is saved by ________.

The fire intended to drive him out of the forrest.

What does face paint liberate Jack from?

his conscious.

The Lord of the Flies tells Simon the beast cannot be _______.

hunted or killed.

3 Things Ralph cries out for at the end of the book:

loss of innocence
and darkness in the boy's hearts

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