chapter 8

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According to the Lord's instructions,_____________ went to Paul, laid his hands on him, and then Paul regained his sightAnanias of Damascus_________ New testament letters are attributed to St. Paul13The Letters to the Romans is the ____________ letter in the new testamentLongestthe letter to the ________ is the most complete presentation of St. Pauls understanding of Jesus ChristRomansThrough his letter to the Romans, Paul ________ himself to their Christian community wrote to celebrate their ______ in christ and corrected _______ about his mission.Introduces faith misunderstandingsSt. Paul is referred to as the ________ because of his missionary work among non-JewsApostle to the GentilesPaul's Letter to the Romans is broken into three partsintro body conclusionPaul's writing style in Romans is based on the art ofRhetoricThe purpose of rhetoric is to be _________ to others _________ others and to clarify the answers of stated _______ to othersConvincing persuade questionsusing the style of rhetoric paul asked and then _______ his own questionsansweredlike the ______ of a flower god first entered into a Covenant to all people with the Jewish people. and that was fulfilled through the Paschal mystery, which like a _____ opened the covenant to all peoplestem flowerst. paul taught that the life under Mosaic Law is good but incomplete. He said that the life of _______ in christ is good and completegracethe gift of grace is first given at ___________baptismpaul tells us that in Baptism we were ____ with christburriedthe result of living in grace is _____________freedom from sinthere are three types of grace:Sanctifying actual grace sacramental graceemerging from baptismal waters signifies that those baptized are ____________________sharing in the resurrection of christwhen we are baptized we are made sharers in the power of thecrucifixion and the resurrectionLiving a life in grace_________________takes place over a life timepraying the ________________ gives voice to our faith in godnicene or apostlepraying the Nicene Creed also celebrates God's ____________ that we are a holy peoplevision