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Which statement is correct about the results of the Hershey-Chase experiment with the T2 Virus?

Radioactively labeled Dna was found in the bacteria, notin the virus coats

If a species contains 27% A ints DNA, what is the percentage of guanine it would contain?


Which of the following have nitrogenous bases correctly paired in DNA?

Adenine- Thymine; Guanine-Cytosine

A single nucleotoid contains

Sugar, a phosphate, and a nitrogen containing base

DNA replication is considered semi-conservative becuase

each daughter will contain one new and one old DNA strand

In Figure 24.1, if adenine is located on strand 4, then one stand 2 at the same location ________ must be present


Which of the following is NOT true about RNA?

RNA is single stranded

The function of transfer RNA is to

Act as the site for pretein synthesis

Which of the classes of RNA molecules carries the genetic information from DNA as it is needed for the construction fo a protein?

Messenger RNA

Prior to protein synthesis, the DNA

Serves as a template for the production of mRNA

In modern biochemical genetics, the fow of inherited information is from

RNA-Protein- DNA

If one strand of DNA has the base sequence CAGCAA, the complementary strand has which of the following sequences>?


Transcription of part of a DNA molecule with a nucleotide sequence of CAACAACTT results in a mRNA molecule with the complementary sequence of


An intervening sequence of DNA that is not expressed is called a(n)


The genetic code consists of _____ bases that stand for one amino acid.


The correct sequence of events in the production of a polypeptide is


Gene mutations are

Alterations in the normal sequence of bases in DNA

If the normal nucleotide sequence was TAGGCATG, what type of gene mutation is present if the resulting sequence becomes TACGGCATG

Frame shift, and Addition Mutation

Specific DNA sequences that have the ability to move within and out of chromostomes are called


A missense mutation is one that

Changes one amnio acid to another

Gel electrophoresis uses an electrical field to seperate DNA fragments based upon their ______


A cluster of prokaryotic genes under the control of one regulatory sequence is called


Eukaryotic transcription factors assist the ____ in binding to the _____

RNA Polymerase; Promoter

Which of the following levels of control involves the use of poly-A tail

Translation of mRNA

Which level of primary control in eukaryotic gene activity might activate or inactivate a protein after it is produced?

Posttranslational Control

Which of the following is true about cancer cells?

They exhibit uncontrolled growth & They can form benign or malignant tumors

Which of the following normally stimulates cell division, but when mutated can result in cancer?


All of thse are considered carcinogens EXCEPT

Cereals, fruits, and vegetables, including cabbage

The earliest forms of life on earth are found in rocks

3.5 billion years old

Which of the following kinds of olecules is thought to have been absent from the primitive reducing atmosphere?


In a liquid environment, "protocells" or liposomes can form spontaneously from ______


The first eukaryotic cells probably arose about _____ billion years ago


Mass extinctions

Have occurred about 4 or 5 times in fossil record, due in some cases to catastrophic changes

Anatomical features that are fully developed and functional in one group of organisms but reduced and functionless in a smiliar group are termed


Almost all living organisms use DNA, ATP, and the same DNA triplet code. This is an example of evolution based on

Comparative biochemisty

What is the term used to describe the accumulation of small changes in the gene pool of a species over time


Which of these conditions is among the requirements of the Hardy-Weinberg equilibirum?

Mutation Rate

A variety of genotypes and phenotypes in a population is usedful becuase it

Allows the species to survive if the environment chagnes

The Amish of Lancaster, PA. have a higher frequency of an unusual form of dwarfism than the population at large. This is probably an example of

A founder effect

If there is a change in the allele frequency of a gene pool due to chance, primarily in a small population, it is termed...

Genetic Drift

The ultimate new source of alleles in a populations is

Gene mutation

Lamarck's theory of evolution included the idea that

The continual stretching of giraffes necks to reach leaves led to longer necks

Which of the following is/are true about natural selection

on average, it facors the survival of more young with adaptive characteritics

Which type of natural selection increases the frequency of an intermediate phenotype?


What is the correct order of the steps regarding allopatic speciation

One species- geographic isolation-reproductive isolation-two species

The new model of evolution that proposes that organisms spend most of their time in fairly unchanging forms and undergo occasional bursts of speciation is called

Punctuated equilibrium

The three shapes of bacteria are

Bacillus, coccus, and sprillium

The response of bacteria that allows them to be identified as Gram-positive or negative is due to

Whether their cell walls ave a thin or thick layer of peptidoglycan

Which statement is false about bacteria

They contain a single, circular DNA molecule as the genetic material

Whcih type of prokaryotes are able to live inthe most extreme environments


Single-celled eukaryotes belong to the kingdom


The kindgom Protista includes all of the following kinds of organisms EXCEPT


The _____ aglae shre most of the characteristics of plants


Single celled, animal like eukaryotes would belong to which of these?

Eukarya, Protists, Protozoans

Which of the following is NOT a fungus?


Which protist is NOT correctly linked to the type of movement it shows?

Sporozoa- Flexing the pellicle

Which includes the parasites that cause African sleeping sickness?


A member of the sporozoan group of protists is

Plasmodium Vivax

Molds and mushrooms belong to the Kingdom


Which of the following are single celled, photosynthetic organisms

Cyanobacteria, Algae

An ecosystem contains

both the living organisms and the abiotic components of the environment

The study of the interrelationships of plants and anmials with each other and with their environment is known as


A number of populations of different species interacting with one anothe is called

a community

The base of an ecological pyramid represents the

producer trophic level

Sunlight that passes throught the atmosphere, is absorbed, and is re-radiated back as longer wavelength heat waves that are trapped by gases in the atmostphere, represtents

the greenhouse effect

In the phosphorus cycle

-Phosphorus never enters the atmostphere
-Phosphate only becomes available whena geological upheaval exposes sedimentary rocks
-phosphate is often a limiting nutrient in most ecosystems
-Phosphate detergents are a major source of eutrophication

Which of the following statements is NOT true about ozone?

Ozone is the same as molecular oxygen, O2

In the carbon cycle, carbonis returned to the atmosphere by

respiration of animals and plants

Climate is due to temperature and rainfall that in turn determined by

-Variations in the solar radiation received on a spherical earth
-The tilt of the earths axis as it roates about the sun
-The distribution of landmasses and oceans
-the topography or landscaep, such as mountains

The following number of aunt species were contine in these biomes. The ost likey reason for the number of ant species is list is

The amount of photosynthetic production, length of the wram season, and diversity of plants

The largest communities on land are


In th water cycle, evaporated equatorial water that rises and does not immediatly rain bcak down proceeds to move

To about 60deg north or south and then cool and condense, supporting a band of moist vegitation

The features that determin how much rain fall on specific areas aof a continaent are

-mountain ranges
-proximity to oceans

Which represents a plausible primary succession sequence?

Grass to tall weeds to shrubs to forest

Which of the following is/are biotic factor in an ecosystem?

The food Chain

When the number of births exceeds the number of deaths, this results in

Population Growth

Optimal population growth does not usually occur because of

-Accumulation of waste products
-Limited access to food and water
ANSWER: Any of the above are limiting

Biotic potential depends on all of the following Except

How many different mates each individual has

A population with rapidly expanding exponential growth would be best represented by a graph with a/an ______ -shaped curve


population size is believed to level off at the _______ of an environment where resources become limited

Carrying Capacity

Interactions between two species as both attempt to use the same environmental resources is


Interaction between two species in which one feeds on the other is


In a predatory-prey cycle

A decline in the numbers of prey cuases a decline in the number of predators

Which statement is not true about parasitism

Parasites are always severe and usually kill a host

The primary producers in terrestrial ecosystems are the _____, whereas in fresh water and saltwater ecosystems it is ______.

Green Plants, Algae

Which of the following organisms would be considered a decomposer


Animals that feed on both plants and other animals are called


The only heterotorphs required in an ecosystem are


Energy flow in an ecosystem begins with


Energy flow in an ecosystem is NOT cyclic becuase energy

no longer useful and is lost when it is converted to heat

If we weighed all of the organisms at each level of this food web, which would be the heaviest

Grass and Trees

As the latitude increases, which biome sequence would be present

Tropical forest, deciduous forest, coniferous forest, tundra

Treeless biomes are treeless primarily becuase

There is a lack of water or the water is frozen

Which of the following is NOT considered to be primarily a treeless biome?


Which of the following is a true statement?

The Taiga is a coniferous forest that circles the earth in the northern hemisphere

Trees such as oak and maple and animals such as foxes and deer are found in the

temperate deciduous forest

Which biome has both a high temperature and plentiful water year around?

tropical Forest

An african tropical grassland that varies cook, dry seasons with hot, rainy seasons is the


Which would be characterized by rainfall under 25cm/year, very hot days, cold nights, and spiney-leafed plants?


Agriculture and industry are responsible for the most consumption of water? T or F


The use of wheat, corn, rice, and other crops modified from wild ancestors is an example of _______ value drawn from biodiversity.


Most of our energy come from which of the following sources?

Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas

Green house gases get their name because they

Prevent infared energy from radiating away from the earths surface

Which of the following is most correct concerning loss of biodiversity and extinction?

There are a variety of causes to extinctions and an animal or plant may go extince due to a different combination of factors, but primarily loss of habitat

Which of the following statements is NOT true about tropical rain forests?

Tropical reain forest land contains rich soil that is desirable as farmland

Intorduction of alien or exotic species into a new ecosystem occurs by

-Colonization when new settlers arrive in an area
- Accidental transport by ship or plane without anyones knowledge
-Agricultural and horticultural activities

Which is NOT an example of an alien or exotic spcies?

Zebra mussels introduced to the Great Lakes
Dandelions planted by pioneers as salad greens
The mongoos brough to hawaii to control Rats
The brown tree snake in guam
Answer: all of the examples are introduced alien species

Which of the following would be a logical step toward becoming a sustainable society

Maximize the use of renewable energy sources

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