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  1. coprolalia
  2. Haley
  3. Statistical Significance .05
  4. Conventinal
  5. Interval
  1. a 3rd level-The zero point is arbitrary and there are negative values. Celcium temperature is an example. There is a mode, median, and mean.
  2. b Adolescents and Adults; (1) Interpersonal accord and conformity like social norms and good girl/bad girl attitude; (2) Authority and Social Order "because its the law"
  3. c the use of obscene words involuntarily
  4. d educated quotient. the research standard is usually set at this point. "5 times out of 100 you will be wrong".
  5. e Strategic family therapy. therapist joins the faily and forces them to respond differently to situations. Utilizes communication theory, systems theory, and behaviroism.

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  1. One cause can produce different results
  2. Personality Testing; Concepts: Ink-blot, projective test; Study Basics: "Psychodiagnostics: A diagnostic test based on perception."
  3. Extended family systems that are current and intergenerational. Genograms and ecomaps
  4. a skewed distribution
  5. compares the observed value with the expected value. nonparametric test.

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  1. Tarasoff casecompares means of two groups. Parametric test.


  2. Rosenthal effectTendency for results to conform to experimenters expecations unless there are safe-gaurds for human bias


  3. Pre-conventional(5) Social contract orientation; (6) Universal ethical principles


  4. echolaliaautomatic repetition of vocalizations of another person's words


  5. ANOVAanalysis of variance. F test. compares the means of 2 groups. Parametic test.