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  1. human maturation
  2. Formal operational stage
  3. ANOVA
  4. Equipotentiality
  5. palilalia
  1. a One cause can produce different results
  2. b repetition or echoing of one's own sounds or words
  3. c analysis of variance. F test. compares the means of 2 groups. Parametic test.
  4. d How well one masters specific life tasks
  5. e Adolescent and Adulthood: development of abstract reasoning

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  1. Duty to warn if: 1. a serious threat of physical violence is made. 2. the threat is made to a specific individual. 3. the threat is made in context of clinician-patient relationship
  2. compares the observed value with the expected value. nonparametric test.
  3. a projective technique using black-and-white pictures
  4. dramatic: antisocial, borderline, histrioic, and narcissistic
  5. Toddler and Early child-hood: magical thinking, moves from strong egocentrism to weaker form, acquisition of motor skills, no logical thinking

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  1. Personality Disorders cluster Canxious: obsessive/compulsive, avoidant, and dependent


  2. experimenter expectancyTendency for results to conform to experimenters expecations unless there are safe-gaurds for human bias


  3. PiagetStrategic family therapy. therapist joins the faily and forces them to respond differently to situations. Utilizes communication theory, systems theory, and behaviroism.


  4. Deductive reasoningreasoning in which a conclusion is reached by stating a general principle and then applying that principle to a specific case (The sun rises every morning; therefore, the sun will rise on Tuesday morning.)


  5. t testcompares means of two groups. Parametric test.