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  1. B.I.R.P. Notes
  2. Communications theory
  3. Freud, S.
  4. Kohlberg
  5. Minuchin
  1. a Personality formed by age 5 during phallic stage. Children develop morality by identifying with same sex parent. This develops the superego.
  2. b Documenting Client Progress: Behavior, Intervention, Response, Plan
  3. c Stages of moral develoment: Pre-conventional, Conventinal, Post-conventional
  4. d Structural family therapy. If you improve the process then you improve the family. Uses direct confrontation and prescribing the symptom.
  5. e It is impossible not to communicate. Palo Alto group. Uses behavioral model where the behavior is communication.

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  1. analysis of variance. F test. compares the means of 2 groups. Parametic test.
  2. a nonparametic correlational
  3. Documenting Client Progress: Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan
  4. Personality Testing; Concepts: Ink-blot, projective test; Study Basics: "Psychodiagnostics: A diagnostic test based on perception."
  5. Stages of Cognitive Development: Sensorimotor, Preoperational, concrete operational, formal operational

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  1. human maturationHow well one masters specific life tasks


  2. HaleyExtended family systems that are current and intergenerational. Genograms and ecomaps


  3. Father of family therapycommunications and family sculpting. faulty communication is caused by low self esteem.


  4. coprolaliathe use of obscene words involuntarily


  5. non-summativityfamily has an identity of its own and is more than the sum of its parts