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  1. Negative feedback
  2. chi-square
  3. Spearman Rho
  4. Freud, S.
  5. echolalia
  1. a Personality formed by age 5 during phallic stage. Children develop morality by identifying with same sex parent. This develops the superego.
  2. b automatic repetition of vocalizations of another person's words
  3. c a nonparametic correlational
  4. d takes family back to a comfortable balance and maintains homeostasis.
  5. e compares the observed value with the expected value. nonparametric test.

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  1. Ackerman: psychoanalytic approach, insight oriented
  2. Personality Testing; Concepts: Ink-blot, projective test; Study Basics: "Psychodiagnostics: A diagnostic test based on perception."
  3. Strategic family therapy. therapist joins the faily and forces them to respond differently to situations. Utilizes communication theory, systems theory, and behaviroism.
  4. The same result can come from different causes
  5. 1st level-uses labels for simple categorical data. Only mode present

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  1. non-summativityfamily has an identity of its own and is more than the sum of its parts


  2. Personality Disorders cluster Bdramatic: antisocial, borderline, histrioic, and narcissistic


  3. Pearson's Rhoa nonparametic correlational


  4. ConventinalChildren; (1) Obediance and Punishment Orientation; (2) Self-interest orientation


  5. echopraxiaautomatic repetition of movements