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  1. ANOVA
  2. Spearman Rho
  3. Probability of .02
  4. Deductive reasoning
  5. Ordinal
  1. a 2nd level-1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th; bad, medium, good. IQ is an example. Only mode and median present.
  2. b 2 times out of 100 you will be wrong. 98 times you will have hypothesized correctly.
  3. c a nonparametic correlational
  4. d reasoning in which a conclusion is reached by stating a general principle and then applying that principle to a specific case (The sun rises every morning; therefore, the sun will rise on Tuesday morning.)
  5. e analysis of variance. F test. compares the means of 2 groups. Parametic test.

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  1. compares association or correlation between 2 groups. Parametric test.
  2. the natural tendency to move towards disorder and disorganization
  3. The same result can come from different causes
  4. a projective technique using black-and-white pictures
  5. anxious: obsessive/compulsive, avoidant, and dependent

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  1. Father of family therapyAckerman: psychoanalytic approach, insight oriented


  2. HaleyStrategic family therapy. therapist joins the faily and forces them to respond differently to situations. Utilizes communication theory, systems theory, and behaviroism.


  3. echolaliaautomatic repetition of movements


  4. EquipotentialityThe same result can come from different causes


  5. palilaliaautomatic repetition of vocalizations of another person's words