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  1. non-summativity
  2. Communications theory
  3. Equipotentiality
  4. S.O.A.P Notes
  5. Tarasoff case
  1. a Duty to warn if: 1. a serious threat of physical violence is made. 2. the threat is made to a specific individual. 3. the threat is made in context of clinician-patient relationship
  2. b It is impossible not to communicate. Palo Alto group. Uses behavioral model where the behavior is communication.
  3. c One cause can produce different results
  4. d Documenting Client Progress: Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan
  5. e family has an identity of its own and is more than the sum of its parts

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  1. Stages of moral develoment: Pre-conventional, Conventinal, Post-conventional
  2. 4th level-Zero means "none". Mass, length, time are examples. Kelvin temperature has a zero point.
  3. dramatic: antisocial, borderline, histrioic, and narcissistic
  4. Elementary and Early Adolescence: no longer egocentric, logical and very concrete thought
  5. Personality formed by age 5 during phallic stage. Children develop morality by identifying with same sex parent. This develops the superego.

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  1. Nominalanalysis of variance. F test. compares the means of 2 groups. Parametic test.


  2. coprolaliaautomatic repetition of vocalizations of another person's words


  3. Kurtosis curvea skewed distribution


  4. ConventinalAdolescents and Adults; (1) Interpersonal accord and conformity like social norms and good girl/bad girl attitude; (2) Authority and Social Order "because its the law"


  5. chi-square(Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) Verbal & performance scores. Most widely used intelligence test today


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