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Scaenicus, -a, -um

theatrical, dramatic

Ludi scaenici

theatrical performances


play, tale

Fabula palliata

drama of Greek life

Fabula togata

drama of Italian life

Pulpitum, -i

platform, stage

Doceo, 2, -cui, -ctum

put on the stage

Histrio, -onis, m.


Persona, -ae

mask, character

Partes, -ium, f.


Primae partes

leading character

Ludicer, -cra, -crum

sportive, theatrical

Ludibrium, -ii

laughing stock, jest


in turn

Alternus, -a, -um

one after the other

Salto, 1

dance, act in pantomime

Plaudo, 3, plausi, plausum

clap, applaud

Cado, 3, cecidi, casum

fail,fall flat

Grex, gregis

company (of actors), troop

Infamia, -ae

loss of character

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