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Psychology Ch. 8 - Memory

deja vu
while in a context similar to one you been in before, you see a stranger who looks and walks like one of your friends. these circumstances likely to trigger the experience of
the rear of the __grows bigger the longer a longer a london cab driver has beed navigating the maze of the city street.
although faustina can learn and remember how to read reversed mirror-image writing, she is unable to learn and remember the names of people to whom she has been introduced. faustina is most likely to have suffered damage to her
echoic memory
a momentary sensory memory of auditory stimli.
some of the information in our iconic memory is encoded int______memory
retrieval failure
the title of a song is on the tip of gerard's tongue, but he cannot recall it until someone mentions the songwriter,s name. gerard's inability to recall the title was most likely caused by
current assumptions
research on memory construction indicates that memories of past experiences are likely to be distorted by our
flashbulb memory
joshua vividly recalls his feelings and what he was doing at the exact moment when he heard of his grandfather's unexpected death. this best illustrates
broken glass
Loftus and palmer asked two groups of observers how fast two cars had beed going in a filmed traffic accident. obsers who heard the vividly descriptive word 'smashed' in relation to the accident later recalled
expicit memory
cerebellum is to implicit memory as hippocampus is to
retrieval cues
memories are primed by
a retention of skills and dispositions without conscious is known as ____memory.
semantic encoding
when people are asked to recall a list of words they had earlier memorized, they often substitute synonyms for some of the words on the original list. this best illustrates the effects of
state-dependent memory
after his last drinking spree, fakim hid a half-empty liquor bottle. he couldn't remember where he hid it until he started drinking again. fakim''s pattern of recall best illustrates
semantic encoding refers to the processing of
was not resticted to specific regions of the cortex
karl lashley trained rats to solve a maze and then removed pieces of their cortexes. He observed that storage of their maze memories
encoding failure
our inability to remember information presented in the seconds just before we fall asleep in most likely due to
the process of getting information out of memory is called
short- term recall is slighty better
for random digits than for random letters.
the spacing effect
jamille performs better on foreign language vocabulary test if she studies the material 15 minutes every day for 8 days than if she crams for 2 hours the night before the test. this illustrates what is known as
semantic encoding
in order to remember the information presented in her psycology text book, Susan often relates it to her own life experiences. Susan,s is an effective memory aid because it facilitates
the peg-word system
Visually associating five items needed from the grocery store with mental images of a bun, ashoe, a tree , a door and a hive best illustrates the use of
the conscious repetition of information in order to mantain it in memory is called
serial position effect
the tendency to immediately recall the first and last items in a list better than the middle items is known as the
automatic processing and effortful processing involve two types of
the misinformation effect
by incorporating errors originating from a hypnotist's leading questions, hypnotically refreshed memories often illustrat
iconic memory
the address for obtaining tickets to a popular quiz show flashes on tv screen, but the image disappears before sergei has a chance to write down the complete address. to his surprise, however he retained a momentary mental image of the five-digit zip code. his experience best illustrates
retrieval cues
forming many associations between new course material and what you already know is an effective way to build a network of:
amoong contemporary memory reseearchers, increasing number think that________rarely, if ever occurs