Exam 3

Habitat alteration
what is the greatest cause if biodiversity loss
edge effect
what is it called when conditions along a fragments edge are different than conditions in the interior
habitat fragmentation and preserve design government subsides to farmers
the SLOSS dilemma involves controversy over
90% of our food comes from ____ crops and ___livestock species
increase the incidence of disease transmission
high population density can
k selected
groups of organisms with low biotic potential, such a gray wales, that produce at most one offspring every other year are
subsistence agriculture
Agricultural practices, where the members of a farming family produce only enough food for themselves and do not make use of large scale irrigation, chemical fertilizer or machinery and technology is called
weathering of parent material
factors involved in soil formation are
primarily compared of organic materials
the O horizon is
E horizon
the horizon where leaching has deposited materials is called
natural resources conservation service
the US agency charged with slowing soil degradation is the
fresh vegetation (dead plants but not composted)
Green Manure
is an agriculture practice of growing large stands of a single species
beef cattle
raising ______ requires the most land and water
protecting genetic diversity
seed banks are important for
grown at a faster rate than
during the past half century, global food production has ___ world population growth.
plant-based foods
it is more energetically efficient for us to eat more
potential disruption of non target species in ecosystem
which of the following is a potential disadvantage of the biological control of pests?
which of the following agriculture systems would be most susceptible to diseases or pests
integrated biocontrol management
the practice of integrating biocontrol, crop rotation, alternative tillage methods and chemical use is called
the extinction of a particular population from a given area is called
increased genetic diversity within the species
a species of lizard has gone extinct. this could be due to any of the following reasons except
a keystone species
removal of which of the following species will always result in the greatest changes in a ecological system
landowners are concerned that federal officials will restrict the use of their private land if endangered species are found on it
the endangered species act in often a center of controversy because
a species if protected will result in the protection of many others that require the same habitat
an umbrella species is defined as
sally loves to be outdoors and hikes everyday with her 3 pets. Edward O Wilson would say she is evidence of biophilia
ecosystem services
phameceuticals produced from wild species produce up to $150 billion in sales and saves many lives. this is an example of
captive breeding programs
all of the following are ways that humans reduce biodiversity in ecosystem except
a peace park
a transboundary parks that eases tensions by acting as buffers between quarreling nations is called
are off-limits to development of any kind but are open to low impact recreation
wilderness areas
the first national park
living organisms to detoxify ecosystems
bioremediation is the use of
the require biodiversity be used in a sustainable manner
the convention on biological diversity
increased biodiversity by providing income to areas that might otherwise be destroyed
which is NOT an example of a density-dependent population limiting factor
the departure of individuals from a population is called
many interacting species that live in the same area
organisms and the abiotic material with which their members interact
specific environment in which an organism lives
number of individuals within a population per unit area
population density
species occurring in only one area
lands used for grazing livestock
alternating bands of different types of vegetation planted across a slope
the fundamental geological material for soils in a particular area
parent material
the name for an individual layer of soil
the layer below the O horizon in an idealized profile
A horizon