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Caudal is to rostral as

posterior is to anterior

administration of a drug that binds at a postsynaptic site different from that of the neurotransmitter, and facillitates the opening of ion channels would be termed an

indirect agonist

repeated administration of a constant drug typically produces ___________, which is defined as a(n) ________ effect of the drug.

tolerance; reduced


Identifies function by eliminating structure

In Situ Hybridization

visualize region of gene expression


mesures amount of neurotransmitters in the brain


examines functions of neurons


visualizes where neurotransmitters act

A _________________ is a large groove in the surface of the human cortex.


a ________________ is a bulge located between adjacent grooves in the surface of human cortex.

NOT: ventricle, sulcus, cerebral aqueduct or fissure

Regions of cortex NOT DIRECTLY concerned with sensation or movement

association cortex

regions of left and right hemispheres are interconnected via axons of the _____________.

corpus callosum

"nucleus" refers to

none of the above

in mammals, the superior colliculi are involved in ___________

visual reflexes

which structure is comprises the metecephalon?

pons and cerebellum

which structure is NOT part of peripheral nervous system?

spinal cord

Which is true about spinal nerves?

the cell bodies of outgoing fibers lie in the grey matter of spinal cord

the ____________ drug route of drug administration is commonly used to treat small lab animals


____________ fibers send messages toward the brain


the _______________ branch of the nervous system receives sensory info and controls muscle movement


a key function of the automatic nervous system involves control of

smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, glands and "vegetative bodily processes.

the parasympathetic division of the ANS is involved in

activities that increase levels of stored energy within the body

________________ refers to the process by which drugs are absorbed, distributed within the body, and excerted from it.


A _________ section is made through the human brain parallel to the ground


which of the following is true of the relation between drug affinity and drug effects?

a drug with high affinity for a receptor wil exert an effect at a low dose.

Terms that are alike

sagittal, horizontal, transverse

drugs that block or inhibit postsynaptic receptor effects are termed


a key advantage of an fMRI is that the method can

identify where a particular brain region is active

administration of a drug that blocks acetycholinesterase in the brain would be expected to

increase the amount of acetycholine in the synapse

the key rationale for lesion (ablation) studies is

the change in behavior that follows a brain lesion can give important clues about a function of an ablated brain area

the _________ is a device that holds an animal head fixed in space that can be used to implant an electrode into the brain

stereotaxic apparatus

more neurons of the sympathetic division of the ANS project from the ________ to the ________.

gray matter of the thoratic and lumbar spinal cord; sympathetic ganglia

The three numbers listed on a page of a stereotaxic atlas describe _______.

location of the brain structure in 3 planes relative to reference point

the most commonly used method for tracing efferent axons involvews the infusion of _______ into the brain region.


damage to the __________ would most likely be fatal.

medulla oblongata

which device records the electrical activity of a single neuron in a animal brain?


primary auditory cortex is located within which cortical lobe?


Differetiation is ____________.

the forming of dendrites and axon within a cell.

A drug the hyperpolarizes the postsynaptic membrane, similar to what occurs at a synapse that usually generates IPSP is a(n)


the hindbrain

does not contain inferior or superior colliculi, is not part of cerebellum, and does not control sense of smell.

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