The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

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Which roles did the primary children play?angelsWhich roles did the intermediate children play?shepherdsWhy does Charlie like Sunday School?There are no Herdmans there.Who always played the part of Mary?Alice WendlekenWho is playing the part of Mary?ImogeneWho is playing the part of Joseph?RalphWho are playing the 3 wisemen?Leroy, Claude, and OllieWho is playing the angel of the Lord?Gladys HerdmanWhy didn't Alice volunteer to be Mary?Imogene threatened to put a pussywillow in her ear.Which story did mother have to retell to the Herdmans?the Christmas storyWhere did Gladys sleep when she was born?bureau drawerWhich character from the Christmas story did the Herdmans want added to their pageant?King HerodWhy did the Herdmans go to the library?to learn about King HerodWhy was Imogene glad that they were using a doll?Dolls dont bite.Who pierced Imogene ears?GladysWhat would Imogene have named Jesus?She would have named him Bill.Why did Mrs. McCarthy call the fire department ?She saw thick, black smoke in the lady's room.