Hydrologic Cycle
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Discharge- Volume of water flowing downstream over a specified period of time - Measured in units of cubic meters per second (m^3/sec) or cubit ft per second (cfs)Channel Characteristicsfeatures describing the shape and roughness of a stream channel - page 215 textDistribution of the Hydrosphere- Salt Water 97.5% - Fresh Water 2.5% - In Glaciers 1.717% - In Ground 0.750% - On Earth's Surface 0.008% - Frozen 0.025% This is breakdown of 1.3 billion km^3 of water on Earth's surfaceDevelopment of River System1. Sheetwash runs down steep slopes & erodes weathered or soft materials 2. Creates rills (small channels) 3. Rills deepen, coalesce into tiny tributaries 4. Tributaries coalesce into rivers larger channelsThree Main Loads Present In a StreamBed Load (pebbles and sand which move along the stream bed without being permanently suspended in the flowing water) Suspended Load (silts and clays in suspension) Dissolved Load (material in solution)Bed Load demonstrates what movementsliding rolling saltationFour Sediment Grain TypesGravel >2mm COARSE Sand 1/16-2mm MEDIUM Silt 1/256-1/16 mm FINE Clay < 1/256 mm VERY FINEFour Main Channel PatternsStraight Meandering Braided Anastomosing