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An explicit set of precise instructions is a(n) ____.

capability, language, context

To write a precise algorithm, we need to pay attention to 3 points. These are ____, ____, and ____.


High-level programming languages are called ____ languages and are designed to express algorithms.


The language we speak is called a ____ language and is not good for expressing precise information.


A ____ is an algorithm that has been customized to solve a specific task under a specific set of circumstances in a specific language.


A ____ is a programming control structure that allows for certain statements in a program to be repeated.


Loops are controlled by a ___ which determines if the statements should be repeated or not.


The Alphabetize CD or Alpha/Beta sort illustrates a standard sorting algorithm called an _____ sort.


A word that can apply to many different values during the running of a program is called a ____.


The rack used in the Alpha/Beta sort is an example of a data structure called a(n) ____.


The ideas of the Alpha sweep and the Beta sweep and what they do as a whole is called an ____.

Input specified
Output specified

List the 5 essential properties of algorithms.

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