CALE Western Foods

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Wood foods
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Menopause things to avoidstress, stimulants, smokingUTI foodswatermelon, pear juice, carrot, celery juice, cornsilk, squash soup, lotus root, mung beans, strawberries, wheat, pearl barleyUTI things to avoidheavy proteins, dairy, onions, alcohol, peppers, meatColic pain things to avoidspinach, tofu, coffeeUric acid things to avoidcooked spinach, tofu, coffee, rhubarbCommon cold foodscilantro, fresh ginger tea, scallions, basil tea, dried grapefruit peel tea, mustard greens, parsnip, garlic, ginger, basil, cinnamonCommon cold things to avoidshellfish, heavy proteins and fats, meatsCommon cold & Influenza w/ heat foodsmint tea, dandelion, apples, pears, cilantro, basil, clear broths and teasCommon cold & Influenza w/ heat things to avoidheavy foods- proteins, meats, and fatsGastritis foodsgrapefruit, green tea, sweet basilYin deficiency foodsspinach, black sesame, pear, green beans, banana, strawberry, watermelon, eggs, lettuce, lotus roots, gou qi zi, yams, chickenYang deficiency foodswalnuts, garlic and lambBlood stagnation foodschicken blood, hawthorn fruit, black soybeans, peach kernelPhlegm & Dryness foodsbarley seed, kelp, red beanYin Xu flavorssweet, cold, coolYang xu flavorssweet, spicy, warmBlood stag flavorsspicy, sweet, warmPhlegm & Damp flavorslight, warm, neutralQi & Blood Xu foodsblack tree mushroom, yams, rice, red date, squash, carrots, chicken, cooked peaches, pears, turnipsQi & Blood Xu flavorssweet, warm, neutralWei Qi foodsgrains, congeeWei Qi flavorswarm, cookedTonify Blood foodsorgan meats, spinach, walnut, chicken, eggs, chinese mushroomsSOB, cough, watery sputum, weak voice foodsginger, riceChronic Fatigue Syndrome foodssmall meals, drink more liquids, juice and drink fresh water daily, chestnut, lotus root, pear, carrots, watermelon, lotus root, cabbage, azuki beans, winter melon, pumpkin soup, garlic, scallions, ginger, daikon radish, chicken soup, buckwheat, rice porrige, longan fruitChronic Fatigue Syndrome things to avoiddairy products, alcohol, coffee, sugar, fatty or fried foods, overly spicy foods, cold and raw foods, tomato, bell pepper, shellfish, eggplantsRheumatoid Arthritis foodsgarlic, buckwheat, dandelion, mung bean, soy bean, sprouts, watermelon