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every day

todos los dias

not any days

ningun dia



s/he smiles/ smiled/ was smiling

sonrie/ sonrio /sonreia

wants/ wanted/ always wanted to ask for a date

quiere/ quiso/ queria pedir le una cita

goes/ went/ was going to leave

va/ fue/ iba a salir

have fun/ had fun/ was having fun

se diverte/ divirtio/ divirtia


por fin

evrything she was doing/

todo lo que ella hacia/ hizo/ hace

decided to leave - go out

decidio salir

did not have time

no tuvo tiempo

two times a day

dos veces cada dia

has many admierers

tenia muchos admiradores

s/he dont have any admireres

no tenia ningun admirador

he explained

le explica/ explico/ explicaba

knows how to solve the problem

sabe como resolver el problema

he knew that day


he always knew


in an extravangant manner

de una manera extravagante

s/he puts on french perfume on herself

se puso parfume frances

s/he paint on italian makeup

se pinto con maquillaje italiano

was pretty

era bella

dreams about being popular

sonaba con ser popular

s/he gets close

se acercaba

s/he goes away

se alejaba



smells like a flower

olia como a un flor







the song is about

la cancion es sobre



on one




s/he /i was embarassed to tell him

tenia verguenza de decirselo

never stop talking

nunca dejaba de hablar

follow the advice of

siguio los consejos de

bathes two times a day

se bana dos veces cada dia

curls her hair for success

se riza el pelo para tener excito

habia perdido

had lost

s/he gets happy

se alegra

dresses like a cowboy

se viste de vaquero

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