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Cell Growth and Division

The genetic material is duplicated during which phase?
S phase
Sister chromatids are...
tightly linked together at a centromere
Prior to M phase the cell makes final preparations during...
The cell carries out most of its growth during
These make up the interphase
A, B, and C, (G1, S, and G2)
It is important that cells remain small. Which is the reason for this?
two of the above
Which of the statements regaurding cell division are FALSE?
Cell division is common in Eukaryotes and rare in Prokaryotes
Eukaryotic Chromosomes differ from Prokaryotic Chromosomes in that they...
are housed in a membrane-enclosed nucleus
Which is a feature of plant cell division that distinguishes it form animal cell division?
formation of a cell plate
Prior to mitosis, each chromosome of a eukaryotic cell consists of a pair of identical structures called....
sister chromatids
The phase of mitosis during which the nuclear envalope fragments and the nucleoli disappear is called...
At the start of miotic anaphase....
the centromeres of each chromosome come appart
The process by which the cytoplasm of a eukaryotic cell divides to produce two cells is called...
During which phase of mitosis do the chromosomes align in the center of the cell?
During which phase of mitosisdoes the nuclear envalope re-formand the nucleoli reappear?
p53 is a gene that produces products that halt the cycle until all DNA is replicated. The protein product could be active during the __________ Trannsition.
G2 to M-phase (G2 Checkpoint)
Molecular factors tha tinfluence the cell cycle are...
all of the above
Mature human nerve cells and muscle cells
are in G0
Which molecules from the molecular basis of the internal cell cycle control system?
When animal cells are grown in a petri dish, they typically stop dividing onece they have formed a single, unbroken layer on the bottom of the dish. this arrest of division is an example of...
density-dependent inhibition
p53 is a gene that produces products that halt the cell cycle until all DNA is replicated. The could result in
all or the above
Which must occur for a plant or animal to grow and develope normally?
the organism mus be anble to control timing and rate of cell division in different parts of its body
A ___________ is the time during which the cell will not go forward until a certain sicnal is recieved.
The Metaphast to Anaphase Transtion (M Checkpoint) is controlled by ......
unattached kinetochores
The "go ahead" signal for the G2 to M-phase Transition (G2 Checkpoint) is/are called
maturation promoting factor
Which of the following statements regaurding mitosis and meiosis is false?
meiosis provides for asexual reproduction
Independent orientation of chromosomes at metaphase I and random fertilization are most like....
shuffling cards and dealing out hands of Go Fish
During which stage of meiosis are chiasmata visible?
late prophase I
During which stage of meiosis do sister chromatids separate?
anaphase II
Which statement regauring the difference between mitosis and meiosis is false?
crossing over is a phenomenon that creates genetic diversity during mitosis
During which stage of meiosis do chromosomes move toward the metaohase plate?
prophase II
Which of the following statements is false?
Gametes are made by mitosis
Which of the following options correctly describes the behavior of a tetrad during anaphase I of meiosis?
it splits into two pairs of sister chromatids, and one pair goes to each pole of the dividing cell
Both mitosis and meiosis are precedes by
During which stage of meiosis does synapsis and the formation of tetrads occur?
prophase I
If a chromosome fragment breaks off and then reattaches to the original chromosome, but in reverse direction, the resulting chromosomal abnormality is called a(n)
Cancer is not usually inherited because....
the chromosomal changes in cancer are usually confined to somatic cells
Nondisjunction occurs when...
members of a chromosoma pair fail to separate
Which of the following variations of the sentence "Where is the cat" is most like a chromosomal deletion?
where is cat?
Which of the following variations of the sentence "Where is the cat" is most like a chromosomal inversion?
Where the is cat?
Which is the result of nondisjunction during meiosis I?
n+1; n+1; n-1; n-1
Which of the statements about nondisjunction is false?
in mammals, extra Y chromosomes are typically inactivated
Which of the following variations of the sentence "Where is the cat" is most like a chromosomal duplication?
Where is the the cat?