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The Interior Highlands included the ___ ___

Ozark Plateau

The Canadian Shield is composed of ancient rocks rich in _______


The first American factory was located in _______ _____

Rhode Island

Humus is mainly found on the ________ _____

Great Plains

What site is the located on Lower Manhattan _______ ______ ________ ______

New York Stock Exchange

Costly and controversial federal subsidies support Alaska's ______ industry


Vancouver's population is about 20% ethnic _________.


The Piedmont is bordered by the _________ _________ _______ & Appalachians

Atlantic coastal plain

The largest source of immigrants to Canada


Adaptive reuse and gentrification are particularly significant in

New England

Many of Canada's Inuit groups have taken to negotiation royalty arrangements with oil and natural gas companies after the collapse of what industry?


It is estimated that the tar sands in northern ______ may contain _____ times the energy equivalent of all the oil thought to exist in the Middle East

Atlanta; 3 times

Precipitation in the Mountain West is largely


The percentage of arable land across Greenland, Canada, and the U.S.


Which province is most noted for its "Long Lots" style agricultural land pattern?


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