21 terms

Final Exam, Part 4

Canada is a major importer of _____
Manufactured goods
The modest economic growth of the Atlantic Provinces has come largely from the export of
Hydro power
From the most agricultural to the least agricultural correct this sequence: Prairie, Atlantic, Core, Pacific Provinces
Prairie, Core, Pacific, Atlantic
Who described slavery as "America's birth defect"?
Condoleezza Rice
The largest city in the U.S. in 1776
The tallest mountain in the "lower 48"
Mount Whitney
Food processing and meat packing were major early industries of
The largest urban area in the South
Dallas/Fort Worth
There are more Native Americans now than there were in 1870 in which area?
Great Plains
Until the 1990's, the aerospace industry was ___'s largest manufacturer.
Los Angeles
What is Canada's most mountainous province or territory?
British Columbia
About 75,000 steelworkers in ________(city)lost their jobs after the steel industry plummeted in 1974
The northern part of the Appalachian Plateau is commonly known as the ______ Plateau, and the southern part is known as the _______ Plateau.
The Tennessee Valley Authority was created during the presidency of
Franklin Roosevelt
Which natural feature in Texas forms an abrupt boundary between the "hill country" and the lower coastal plains?
Balcones Escarpment
How many Provinces does Canada have?
Which area is characterized by being low and mostly level with sandy, infertile soils?
Atlantic Coastal Plain
About ____ of Canada has tundra or subarctic climates.
40% of office space in US is within ___ miles of New York
False statement
Erie canal made it possible for ocean ships to reach Chicago/Montreal
New York surpasses other cities because of ___
The Hudson-Mohawk Pass