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What is a Contact Pesticide?

Pesticides that are on the plant's surface and will kill any insects or fungi that touch it

What is a systemic Pesticide?

Pesticide that is absorbed into the tissue and than into the Phloem Tube. Killing insects or fungi that feed on the plant

Would it kill fungi where the spray of a systemic pesticide was not sprayed on?

Yes as the Fungi will eventually end up feeding on the pesticide

How does Temperature affect the transpiration rate?

Water evaporates from leaves of a plant in a hot day

How does Humidity affect the transpiration rate?

The moisture content of the air is higher therefore there is a less diffusion gradient from the leaf to the air.

How does wind speed affect the transpiration rate?

Water evaporates more quickly on a windy day

How does light intensity affect the transpiration rate?

Plant may open its stomata to supply CO2 for photosynthesis, which allows the water to evaporate from the leaves

How does Water Supply affect the transpiration rate?

If there is a short supply of water than the plant will close its stomata which stops water from diffusing out of the leaves

How does Closing stomata hinder the transpiration rate?

Plant lose most of their water through the stomata, therefore if the stomata are closed than not much water is lost

How does waxy cuticle hinder the transpiration rate?

Prevents water from escaping from the upper epidermis

How does hairy leaves hinder the transpiration rate?

Traps moisture in the air, which creates a less diffusion gradient from the leaves to the air

How does Cutting down on surface area hinder the transpiration rate?

Less water will evaporate from it, helps to conserve water

What are Mesophytes?

They are general leaves which have average conditions

Give an example of a Mesophyte


What does the leaf have? Describe its uses

Hairs (Tricombs) that traps moisture and increase humidity near stomata. This lowers the Transpiration rate

What are Hydrophytes? Give an Example

Found in aquatic conditions and an example of this is a Water Lily

Where is the stomata located on the hydrophyte?

On top, mostly open. This is to speed up the rate of transpiration

How well developed are the Hydrophytes roots?

Poorly developed, which allows water to diffuse in constantly

What are Xerophytes? Give an Example

Leaves/Plants in very arid conditions, usually exposed. An example is Cacti

What is around the stomata? Explain

Pits, which increase humidity levels, therefore reducing water loss

How does Photosynthesis occur in Xerophytes?

At night the Xerophytes open their stomata to obtain gases, and during the day time the reaction of photosynthesis occurs.

Why does Cacti have spines?

To reduce the surface area of leaves, and it also protects from animals that want the water of the Cacti. There is no Chloroplast on the Spines

What are marram grass?

Grass on the beach to stabilize the sand

What is the cross section of a piece of Marram Grass?

A curled up c

What is the Adaptations of the Marram Grass to reduce water loss?

There are stomata on the inside of the "C" which increases the humidity levels and therefore there will be less water loss.

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