The US owed _____ because they were on the winning side of World War 1.
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In the 1920's Unions and their members ___.They fellIn the 1920s Anti-trust laws were ___.increasingly ignored.Describe Modernism in the 1920's.Women with short skirts and short hair, women drinking in public and more sexual freedomDust Bowl caused ___.Caused millions of people to leave the plains and try life farther west.The weakest asperct of the economy in the 1920's was ____ because ___.Agriculture because it suffered greatly in the 20'sHoover was millionaire ______ , not a ____.Mining engineer, business man of any kindBonus ArmyA group of WW1 veterans who came to Washington to request their pensions.Franklin Roosevelt create a new power structure in the Democratic party by ___.Uniting Southern Whites with Northeastern Urbanites who were often immigrants or offspring of immigrants.In the 1930's Eleanor Roosevelt advocated for ___.Blacks and Disadvantage people.The CCC put young men to work on ___.Conservation ProjectsName a fast supporter of Franklin D Roosevelt and the New Deal?Harry HopkinsThe New Deal did not ___.Bring total recovery from the depression.Hoovers's Reconstruction Finance Corporation tried to ___.Cure the depression by loaning money to banks, businesses, railroads, etc.FDR's plan to ending the depression when he ran for presidency in 1932 was ___.Not clearor worked out.One of the most succesful New Deal Projects was.The Tennessee Valley AuthorityThe Social Security Act was designed to ___.Help the retired, Children whose fathers died, and others who had no access to work/incomeThe NRA or Blue EagleEnded with the successful businesses controlling the industrial and leaving out the "small fry"Brain TrustA group of experts and academicians to suggest ideas to help the depression, put together by FDRThe FDIC AgencyInsures deposits in banks and other financial institutions?The Works Progress Administration.A program that put people to work and their pay came from the US government.The Agricultural Adjustment ActPaid farmers not to plant or breed animals.The Fair Labor Standard Act (Wagner Act)Helped workers to organize and get better conditions.Frances PerkinsFDR's secretary of labor, and the first woman cabinet memberMovies in the 1930'sUpheld basic American values and provided "escapism" from hard times. These movies depict a lot of beautiful homes, clothes, successful people, etc.The industr whos structural weakness contributed greatly to the Great Depression.BankingTelevisionActually prospered during the great depressionThe Dust BowlA natural disaster with its origins in mismanagement, was created by windstorms that swept across the Great Plains.