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name 6 types of rugs

Stable/Night Rugs,UnderRugs/Blankets,Turnout Rug,New Zealand Rug,Summer sheet,Anti-sweat Rug,ROLLER

give the steps for putting a blanket on/off

Putting Blanket On (always have horse tied)
1Fold the blanket (lay it on ground right side up; fold any surcingles across the top; pull the back of the blanket up to the withers; fold again from back up to withers; fold off side of blanket over the near side)
2Place the folded blanket over the neck and withers
3Fasten the chest strap
4Unfold the blanket over the hindquarters and make it straight
5Fasten the surcingles or leg straps
6Check that blanket is straight, not pulling at shoulders and surcingles flat
Removing Blanket
1 Unfasten the surcingles or leg straps first (start at back working forward)
2Unfasten the chest strap
3Fold the front part of the blanket back over the top of the back portion and slide the blanket off backwards

what is the purpose of horse boots

1. Protection of legs from injury by:
a) Blows - jumping fixed fences etc
b) Brushing - inside of fetlock
c) Speedy cutting - near knee
d) Over-reaching - heel of forefoot
2. Support tendons
3. Treatment of injuries (poultice boots etc.)

How would you fit a boot

1. Clean leg and boot
2. Place boot higher on leg and slide down into position
3. Fasten fasteners from the top working down
4. Check that all fasteners are same tension
5. Tight enough they don't slide, loose enough to slip a finger in
6. Re-check after 5 minutes of work

name 10 types of boots

brushing,Splint,fetlock,folded felt(Yorkshire), rubber pastern rings,tendon/gallop,sports medicine ,bell/over reach, open front,knee cap, hock, polo, sausage, equiboots

what is the purpose of a shipping bandage

• protects lower leg, coronary band and heels
• some relief from road vibration and swelling
• must have at least ½ a width of wrap below heel to hold it in place

what is the purpose of a stable/standing bandage

• always in pairs
• reset every 12 hours
• prevent filling or reduce swelling of legs after hard work,
• for warmth
• to dry wet or muddy legs
• protection against injuries in the stall
• treat injuries
• hold a dressing in place
• base for knee or hock bandage

what is the purpose of a tail bandage

• only applied for an hour or two (use tail guard for longer trip)
• protect the hair of dock during shipping
• contain the tail hairs during breeding, foaling or clipping
• shape the hair of the dock during grooming
• keep the skirt of the tail clean or protect a braided tail before a show
• three types turning up hair, herringbone bandage and butterfly bandage
• don't use really stretchy wrap as it is easy to get it too tight and damage the tail

name things to consider for the care of a horse when traveling

1. A few inches of shavings encourage horse to urinate
2. Tie at a length so horse can move head to keep balance but not too loose
3. Check temperature and ventilation (or draft) inside
4. Stop every 2-3 hours to check the horse. Check hay and offer water. Check bandages.
5. If horse doesn't urinate in trailer, unload him every few hours to give the chance
6. Ok to keep horse in trailer up to 8-12 hours
7. Drive carefully and smoothly.
8. On arrival or at rest stops, walk horse for 10 to 15 minutes to relieve stiffn

what trailer equipment should you have

•Spare tire and jack for trailer and tow vehicle
•Jumper cables, tow chain
•Road flares or warning signal in case of breakdown
•Blocks to put behind tires when parked
•Longe line, extra lead rope and halter, sheet or blanket, extra cotton and leg wraps, pins, masking tape.
•Large container of water
•Small pail with sponge or cloth
•Water and feed buckets, haynet and hay
•Broom, shovel, rake, for, muck basket, manure disposal bags
•First-aid kits (horse and human)
•Kit with: flashlight and batteries; basic tools; extra bulbs for trailer lights and fuses; electrical tape; extra quart of oil for tow vehicle; crowbar; sturdy knife; WD-40, grease, or lubricating oil; fly spray; gloves; hand cleaner

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