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Wordly Wise 3000 Book 4 Lesson 20 Words and Definitions


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arrest (verb)
1. To stop the movement or progress of.
2. To seize and charge with breaking the law.
arrest (noun)
The act of seizing and charging with breaking the law.
capable (adjective)
Able to do things well; skilled.
capable of
1. Ready and able to.
2. Having the qualities necessary for.
congratulate (verb)
To express pleasure for a person's success or good fortune.
congratulations (plural noun)
Good wishes.
despise (verb)
To scorn and dislike strongly; to consider unworthy of respect.
dispute (noun)
A strong difference of opinion; an argument.
dispute (verb)
To question the truth or value of.
eventual (adjective)
Coming at a later time; happening as a result of.
helm (noun)
1. The wheel or tiller used to steer a boat.
2. A position of control.
humiliate (verb)
To treat in a way that takes away a person's pride or self respect.
humiliation (noun)
The act of taking away a person's pride or self respect.
implore (verb)
To plead with or beg for with much feeling.
insert (verb)
To put in.
insert (noun)
An extra piece sewn or put in place.
outrage (noun)
1. Anger caused by injury or insult.
2. Anything that causes resentment or anger; a wicked or brutal act or remark.
outrage (verb)
To fill with anger or resentment.
pierce (verb)
1. To pass or break through.
2. To make a hole through.
piercing (adjective)
Very loud and shrill.
quiver (verb)
To shake with small, rapid movements; to tremble.
quiver (noun)
1. A trembling.
2. A case for holding arrows.
release (verb)
1. To let go; to free.
2. To make known.
release (noun)
1. A setting free.
2. A making known.
sullen (adjective)
Silent from anger or hurt.