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- As a first more broad question, what are some of the challenges you come across working in CR and CR Communications?
- In this new normal, what do you see as the most critical component of not only this role, but the CR communications team moving forward?
- I know that one of the central responsibilities of this role is to manage digital hub updates. In my current role we use Salsa and SalsaLabs as the main CRM tool that pushes our organization forward and is able to consolidate all the data about our endeavors. So I can familiarize myself with all the aspects of this role, can I ask what digital or data collection hub one would generally use on this team? And what digital tools it is important to have comfortability with on a day to day basis?
- Curious about the management styles, relationships, and culture at PVH. How would you describe the type of relationships that coincide with company culture and the types of management styles advocated for through the company. What's the type of relationship I can expect to have with my manager?
- Is it left up to the autonomy of specific managers (i.e. varying from team to team)? or are there larger umbrella management styles preferred, specified, enforced by PVH?
- Ask about any experience either of them may have transitioning candidates and teammates from public to private?
In the introduction to the CR report published this past July, I read that the company is very committed to a variety of long-term strategies, be it reducing the company's negative impacts to zero, inclusion and diversity, positively impacting the lives of 1 million people across the value chain. One of the commitments was also data disclosure and transparency. Can you elaborate on this?