Hound of Baskervilles Quiz Ch. 1-5

These are some basic things to know about the charaters and the plot and story line. Hope it helps.
Sherlock Holmes
The novel's main character. The main dectective. Uses deductive reasoning and is very smart and keen.
Dr. Watson
"Sidekick" to Sherlock Holmes. Novel is written in his point of view.
Sir Henry Baskerville
The heir of the baskerville throne-closest living relative to Sir Charles Baskverville
Sir Charles Baskerville
The head of the Baskerville estate. Believed in the great hound that roamed the moor.
In chapter 4, Sir Henry receives a letter that says "If you value your life, or your reason, keep away from the moor" from what were the letters of the note cut out of?
(True/False) In chapter 4, when Sir Henry receives the mysterious note, Holmes uses his skills to find out that the man must be poor to be reading the "Times"
In chapter 4, Holmes sees a cab that looks very suspisious. As he runs to it, the cab zooms away, but Watson manages to see a bushy black ______.
How many pounds was Berrymore to inherit upon Sir Charles' Death?
How many pouds was Mortimer to inherit upon Sir Charles' Death?
How many pounds was Sir Henry to inherit upon Sir Charles' death?
Charing Cross Hospital
In chapter 1, Holmes examines a stick that has the initials C.C.H., which stand for what?
In chapter 1, on the stick holmes is examining, he finds bite marks that inidcates the man has what pet?
a) dog
b) cat
c) donkey
d) rat
Dr. Mortimer
In chapter 1, who did the stick they were examining belong to?
In chapter 2, Holmes is presented with a manuscript with tells us about the curse. To wat year does the manuscript date back to?
Dr. James Desmond
Who was to inherit the money IF SIR HENRY DIED?
Mr. Sherlock Holmes
Holmes finds the man who drove the suspisious cab. He asked him several questions. When holmes asked the cab driver what the man said his name was, the man claimed his name was: _________
Before going to bed Sir charles (the one who died) walked down the famous ______ alley of baskerville hall. (Fill in the blank)
Mortimer knew that Sir Charles had stood at the gate for 4-5 minutes because he observed that the ash from his cigar had dropped how many times?
WHO did Holmes tell to go to each of the 23 hotels and look in the wastebasket for a TIMES paper with holes in it?
The fabled tale of the hound is said that the hound roams about the _____ near Baskerville Hall
Did Holmes and Watson think that Sir Charles was running or tip-toeing down the alley?
Sir Henry Baskerville
Who recieved an anonymous note?
In the anonymous note, which word was unlike the others (not cut out of the paper?)
How does Mortimer think Sir Charles died?
a) some creature in the moor
b) some creature in the Baskerville Hall
c) Sir Charles faked his death
d) he was shot
(answer is the LETTER of the correct answer)
What kind of footprints did Dr. Mortimer find?
a) huge, gigantic footprints; a hound
b) Teeny tiny footprints; a dog
c) large and hooved footprints; a donkey
d) Ugly footprints; Dr. Mortimer