Test on Tuesday
1) Climate
3) Tribalism
4) Lack of Industrial Economy
5) Corrupt Kleptocratic government
5 "Problems" within Africa
Bantu Tribe
Tribe in Africa most people identify with
True or False: Africa has the oldest human heritage and the most diverse human population
Africa has over ________ languages in 53 nations
Islam, Christianity, Native Faiths
Religions/Faiths present in Africa
The Plateau Continent
Another name for Africa
The breakup of ________ caused massive uplift to the plateaus of Africa
Gold, Diamonds
2 minerals Africa is rich in
1) Desertification
2) Moisture in South along rivers
3) Deforestation
4) Ancient Soils
Environmental Issues in Africa
Desert in Africa currently experiencing desertification
True or False: Africa has little reliance on wood as a fuel because of its many oil reserves
True or False: Most of Africa's oil reserves are exported to other countries
Ancient Soils
Much of Africa has poor agricultural productivity because of _______.
Dry Desert
Climate in the North and South of Africa
Climate that dominates Mid-Section of Africa
South Africa
Only nation in Africa with subtropical, marine west coast, and Mediterranean climate
True or False: The climate in South Africa was preferred by European settlers, which allowed a decent wine industry
West Africa, the Horn, and Lake Victoria
Three main concentrations of population
Total Fertitlity Rate
Africa has among the world's highest TFRs. What does TFR stand for?
True or False: Africa's life expectancy rates are increasing
This disease has caused a reduction in most of the productive segement of society
Think its a CIA Plot, think its not an STD, refusal to wear Condoms
Reasons why AIDS is so big in Africa
True or False: Family networks in Africa are large, similar to Latin America
Language, Religion, Slavery
3 Cultural Issues in Africa
Religion with greatest cultural impact on Africa
Colonies, Tribal and Language Lines
Europeans divided Africa based on _______, while Africa was orginally divided based on _______.
English, French, Portuguese
Most Common Languages in Africa
Privileging any given local language would priviege that nation within a multi-national state
Why are English, French, and Portuguese such common languages in Africa?
The migration of Africans to _____ caused considerable trouble over cultural practices
Internal, Atlantic, Islamic
3 Slave Trades
Inter-Tribal Warfare
The main cause of slavery involving Africa
European Weapons
_______ improved efficiency of slaverys in internal slave trade
Chattel Slavery
Slavery in Atlantic as consumption and concubinage into Islamic world
True or False: There was no gender bias in the shipment of slaves
This gender of slaves was mainly shipped to the Atlantic system
This gender of slaves was mainly shipped internally for breeding and to the Islamic world
Methodism, Church of Evangelical "Saints"
2 Religions in the late 1700s that started the end of the Atlantic trade
David Livingstone
Led the fight in the 1880s to end the internal slave trade
Labor Power
Before the 1850s, Africa offered little to the rest of the world but ________
Latin America, Caribbean
2 areas where using slaves for agricultural production was profitable
Malaria, Yellow Fever, Sleeping Sickness
Diseases rampant in Africa pre-1850s
Decade when the mad dash for Africa began
Industrialization, Better Medicine
2 reasons the mad dash for Africa began in thre 1880s
Decade when first anti-malarial drug was made
Name of first anti-malarial drug
Decade when Germany was under Kaiser Wilhelm and there was great need for cotton from Africa
Years when the Berlin Conference occured, as well as the "Grab for Africa"
True or False: Lines drawn on map of Africa were drawn with great attention to pre-existing cultural groups
In the 1950s, ________ gave Europe great pressure, and finally Europe decolonized Africa
The Uhuru/Freedom Year
17 nations became independent in 1960
Early success in decolonization
Ghana, Kenya
2 former British colonies where decolonization was an early success
This nation was decolonized in 1960, but tribal war erupted in 1966
Word created to describe states where oil wealth was given only to narrow tribal elites
Angola, Mozambique : USA, South Africa
1970s: Marxist states established in _______ and _______, bloodily resisted by _______ and _______
South Africa, Israel
_____ and _____ co-operated to become a nuclear power and even tested nuclear weapons, but both renounced weapons in 1991
Extrative Economy
Economy dependent on natural resources or crops
True or False: The average Africa is poorer today than in the 1960s
South Africa
Nation which contains over 1/3 of Sub-Saharan Africa's GDP
Nigeria, South Africa
2 nations which account for over 1/2 of SSA's economic output
Gold, Diamonds
South Africa's main export
Nigeria's main export
Life expectancy
________ at birth is dismal for both males and females (lowest overall rates on planet)
True or False: Female life expectancy in Africa is often as low as that of men. This is considered normal.
Burkina Faso
Nation in Africa with worst illteracy rates (both in Africa and globally)
Female Labor Force
Participation in the ________ is very low in Africa, but higher than SW Asia/N Africa
1) Inter-Tribal Warfare
3) Extractive Economic Role
4) Poor Soil for Agriculture
5) Kleptocracies
The 5 "Failures" of SSA