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Vomiting patterns:

ext. attack, food stagnation, phlegm-fluid accumulation, LIV overact ST, SP/ST Xu, ST yin Xu

Vomiting Ext. attack formula:

Huo Xiang Zheng Si San

Vomiting Ext. attack modif.- Food stagnation

-ZGC, + Shen Qu, Ji Nei Jin

Vomiting Ext. attack modif.-summerheat

-ZGC,Da Zao, + Huo Xiang, + Pei Lan, Huang Lian

Vomiting Ext. attack modif.- severe s/s

++ Bai zhi, + sheng jiang

Vomiting Ext. attack modif.- W.heat

Yin Qiao San (instead of Hou Xiang Zheng Si San0
- Jie geng, + Zhu Ru/Chen Pi (in Yin Qiao San)

Vomiting Food Stagnation formula

Bao He Wan(mild), Zhi Shi Dao Zhi Wan (severe)

Vomiting Phlegm Fluid Accumulation formula

Xiao Ban Xia Tang + Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang

Vomiting Phlegm Fluid Accum. modif.-phlegm hear in ST

Wen Dan Tang instead

Vomiting LIV>ST formula

Ban Xia Hou Po Tang + Zuo Jin Wan

Vomiting LIV>ST modif.- ST heat

+Zhu Ru, Zhi Zi

Vomiting LIV>ST modif.- constipation/food retention

+Da Huang, Zhi Shi

Vomiting LIV>ST modif.- Yin Xu heat

+Sha Shen, Shi Hu

Vomiting LIV>ST modif.- early stage

Ban Xia Hou Po Tang + Zuo Jin Wan

Vomiting LIV>ST modif.- late stage

Si Ni San + Zuo Jin Wan

Vomiting SP/ST Xu formula:

Li Zhong Wan

Vomiting SP/ST Xu modif.-clear fluid

+ wu zhu yu

Vomiting ST Yin Xu formula

Mai Meng Dong Tang

Vomiting ST Yin Xu modif.- ++yin xu

+Shi hu, zhu ru, pi pa ye

Vomiting ST Yin Xu modif.-constipation

+hou ma ren, feng mi(honey)

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