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Equal Protection of law

No Discrimination, equal opportunity.

Direct Democracy

James madison warned against what in Fed Papers?

Limited Government

Limits govt power over people

Violates individual Rights

How can fed courts declare laws of congress unconstitutional?


Few who have power

Positive effects of terrorism in Us?

Unity, Patriotism, trust in government among people

Supreme law of the land

Constitution is seen as what?

Mayflower compact

Document written for 1st settlers, set up govt.


Tax imposed on imported goods

Representative Democracy

A system of government in which citizens elect representatives, or leaders, to make decisions about the laws for all the people.

16th amendment

Amendment to the United States Constitution (1913) gave Congress the power to tax income.

Constitution gave control of money supply to who?


The President

Who can negotiate treaties and appoint ambassodors

States can do all of the Following In federalism

Divides powers between states, make own laws, taxes,

Population of state

Seats in Us House of represtatives are allocated by what?

Presidential Checks on congress

Veto, Call special Sessions, Reccomend legislation

Judicial Review

the power of the Supreme Court to declare laws and actions of local, state, or national governments unconstitutional

Federalist papers

Essays that explained constitution by james madison, john jay, Alexander hamilton

Advocates of the Bill of rights

Anti federalists

What was federalism designed to do?

Divide powers between nation and states

Equal Rights amendment

How did the founders devise ways to protect minorities from unjust actions?

10th amendment

powers not given to the United States are given to states or people

Powers to abridge individual right

What did constitution deny national govts from doing?

McCullough V. Maryland

Congress chartering bank

14th Amendment

What amendment makes bill of rights applicable to the states?

Standing in U.S Vs Lopez

Ruled in favor of U.S, no guns in a school zone.

Categorical Grants

Federal grants to states or local governments that are for specific programs or projects.

Block Grants

federal funds provided for a broad purpose, unrestricted by detailed requirements and regulations

Age Discrimination Act

Prohibits discrimination on the basis of age in hiring, firing, or compensating

Americans with Disabilities act

law passed in 1990 that protects people with disabilities from discrimination in employment and requires public services to be accessible.

Unfunded mandates

Programs that the federal government requires states to implement without federal funding.

When was the battle of hastings


Two most important words in English Language

Self- Discipline

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