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Journalism Terms used in IPA's Press Class


how you approach a story


a statement that says where you got your information


a large headline that extends across a page, used for very important information


the regular area of news that a reporter covers


writer's name


the actual text of a story


an explanation of a photo or other graphic


a dateline is written at the beginning of the stroy that gives the palce and date of the event, used most often for daily newspaper stories


the date or time that a story must be finished


to make changes to a story to help clarity, may include cutting or adding information


a story that expresses an opinion

feature/soft news

a story that captures more of the human interest angle, it may not be as timely as hard or straight news


everything that isn't copy, including photos, graphs, drawings, line art

hard news/straight news

news that reports just the facts, it is usually timelier than feature news


the title of a newspaper story or article


the arrangement on a page of stories, articles, and artwork before it goes to print


damaging someone's reputation by what you print


where all the important publication information about the newspaper is printed


the title of the newspaper in large letters on the front page


a form of journalism in which a photo, or series of photos, is used to tell the story; these are usually accomplished by detailed captions


the process of going through a story word for word, line by line, looking for mechanical errors

stylebook/style sheet

rules for a newspaper's system of grammar, punctuation, and usage, as well as requirements such as margin dimensions of which fonts are used


an explanation under the headline that further explains the story


the main body of printed or written matter on a page

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