M370 Global Marketing Quiz

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The measure of how much one currency is worth in relation to another is referred to as...
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Tatiana is conducting a country market assessment and is focusing on four key elements: distribution channels, transportation systems, communication systems, and commerce. In doing so, Tatiana is evaluating which component of the market assessment?infrastructure.The global product strategy a firm chooses depends on...the needs of its target market.________ consists of GDP plus the net income earned from investments abroad (minus any payments made to nonresidents who contribute to the domestic economy).gross national income.Problems with which entry approach can arise when the partners disagree or if the government places restrictions on the firm's ability to move its profits out of the foreign country and back to its home country?joint venture.Because the United States imports more goods than it exports, it operates under a(n)...trade deficit.Some commentators suggest adding ________ to the BRIC countries because of that nation's remarkable transformation into a functioning democracy.South Africa.Which standardized metric of output is used to gauge the size and market potential of an economy?gross domestic product.Which of Hofstede's cultural dimensions relates to a willingness to accept social inequality as natural?power distance.Spanish clothing retailer Zara is considered relatively inexpensive in Europe, but it is priced 40 percent higher in the United States to cover its transportation expenses. This difference reflects the company's global ________ strategy.pricing.Which global entry strategy has the highest degree of risk?direct investment.A ________ is formed when a firm entering a market pools its resources with those of a local firm.joint venture.If the United States wants to limit the amount of a product that can be imported into the country for a period of time by setting a maximum import quantity, the United States should institute...a quota.The computer maker Lenovo started in China but has since expanded its operations. In addition to purchasing IBM's PC division and Motorola's handset business unit, it established parallel headquarters in both Beijing and North Carolina. This is an example of which global entry strategy?direct investment.Firms prefer to manufacture in a country that has ________ because it signals a greater opportunity to export products to more markets.a trade surplus.If a small business wants to take the least risky strategy to enter its first foreign market, it would choose which global entry strategy?exporting.The Economist's Big Mac Index, which suggests that exchange rates should adjust to equalize the cost of a basket of goods and services wherever it is bought around the world, is an example of which metric?purchasing power parity.If a firm is looking at market size and population growth rate, which component of a country market analysis does this represent?economic analysis.________ involves a binding contractual agreement between a firm and another firm or individual whereby the business name and format have already been developed by the originating firm.franchising.In terms of market size and population growth rate, which is a factor that impacts the marketing of goods and services?marketing to more rural populations is more costly than reaching urban areas.Which countries make up what is known as the BRIC countries?Brazil, Russia, India, China.