F4 Movie Essay - San Andreas

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Books smashed themselves on the floor, cement from the walls and ceiling kept raining down.
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Out of the blue突然间Ripples started to appear in drinks on the refreshment table.水波开始出现在饮料的茶点桌上shattered into pieces碎成碎片Startled吓倒的Tremor震动Unfortunately, the shakings became greater in magnitude.不幸地,地震越来越强It soon transformed into a catastrophic earthquake它很快地就要变成灾难性的地震shouted at the top of my lungs尽全力喊earth splitting apart地要裂开了I could hear nothing but the thunderous sounds of the building collapsing.我什么都听不到只听到震耳欲聋大楼倒塌的声音My heart palpitated like mad and I was engulfed by fear.我的心疯狂地跳动和顿时被害怕吞噬了I had to bite my tongue to stifle a scream.我咬紧牙关喊I held my breath as a wave of fear licked my spine.我屏住呼吸虽然当时很怕gory scene血腥的画面Adrenaline surged through my veins as cold sweat trickled down my forehead.肾上腺素上升冷汗一直往额头流下Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours.一分一秒地过去trapped in ruins困在废墟中The world turned pitch-dark世界变一片黑暗flashed through my mind闪过脑海Regulate...breathing调节呼吸pull out all the stops尽力As the saying goes俗语说there will always be a silver lining behind the dark clouds一线希望Tears of despair trickled down cheeks melancholically.绝望的泪水I started to feel myself suffocating我开始觉得自己要窒息了my lips have totally cracked due to extreme dryness我的嘴唇因为很干而裂开distant noises远处有声音pain gripped my heart痛仿佛紧紧抓住我的心My world blacked out......我的世界仿佛变一片黑暗I woke up and found myself in a world with everything white.我起来发现四周一片白茫茫I rubbed my bleary eyes for my vision to focus我搓我朦胧的眼睛试图要看清四周Tears welled up in my eyes but they were tears of happiness and joy.眼泪涌上我的眼睛但他们都是开心的泪水eyes lit up with the biggest most radiant smile眼睛亮起来和嘴边有个灿烂的笑容embraced拥抱minor scratches and bruises.小抓伤和瘀青family is not an important thing. It is everything.家人不是一件重要的事,而是一切。