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  1. hypochondriasis
  2. Dissociative Identitiy Disorder
  3. personal distress
  4. manic episode
  5. -Schizophrenia
  1. a Disturbances in thinking, perception,emotions, and behavior, lose contact w/ reality 3 types Disorganized,Catatonic, Paranoid
  2. b people who are troubled by anxiety or depression disorders
  3. c multiple personalitys
    each one is different from the other
  4. d high activity, pressured speech,Flight of ideas, poor judgement
  5. e worry about getting sick, belief of specific mediacl problem w/out medical evidence.

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  1. travel far away and wake up not knowing where you are, travel far away with loss of memory of past events
  2. was once listed as a disorder, it was modifyed and changed after hearing Activist voices and America adapting its values
  3. problem with sensory and motor functioning w/out medical explanation, causes; stress, attention as reinforcer,
  4. individual is not responsible for the crime committed
  5. ...

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  1. A Disorganized schizodelusions of presecution and delusions of Grandeur (believe to have many enemies,


  2. diorders things to knowloss of motivation, sadness and dispair, stress,


  3. causes of mood disordersindividuals can be severly depressed or manic, can include both mania and depression


  4. A3 genearl medical conditiondiabetes artritus


  5. insanitylegal term, "not psychological one"


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