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  1. Homesexuality
  2. causes of mood disorders
  3. diorders things to know
  4. Depression
  5. A Disorganized schizo
  1. a loss of motivation, sadness and dispair, stress,
  2. b Biological, genetics, amongst identical twins in 65% both have it. Psychodynamic, early childhood experiences, depression in anger turned inwards
  3. c abnormal and normal exist on a continuum, it does not mean dangerous or bad, they come in mild moderate and severe forms
  4. d sever deterioration of adaptive behavior, withdrawl from society, no emotion,babbling and giggling
  5. e was once listed as a disorder, it was modifyed and changed after hearing Activist voices and America adapting its values

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  1. ...
  2. DSM-1V-TR Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 1. clinical disorders, personaility or mental retardation, general medical conditions, social or environment problems, global assesement
  3. is needed to see how well the condition is improving
  4. disruptions in mental functioning such as memory, consciousness and self-identity.. caused by extreme trauma or abuse
  5. thoughts are the obssion, and the urges to engage in senseless rituals is the compulsion

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  1. Dissociative Amnesiatravel far away and wake up not knowing where you are, travel far away with loss of memory of past events


  2. B Catatonic Schizorandom motor activity, remin virtually still, hyperactive and incoherent


  3. Mood Disordersindividuals can be severly depressed or manic, can include both mania and depression


  4. Devianceagoraphobia-fear of trapped(ride at CaL ADV) Social phobia- embarrassed fear, specific phobia- hurt


  5. PTS post tramatic stresspeople who are troubled by anxiety or depression disorders