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  1. personal distress
  2. PTS post tramatic stress
  3. body dysmorph disorder
  4. Dissociative Amnesia
  5. conversion disorder
  1. a people who are troubled by anxiety or depression disorders
  2. b psycological disturbance due to major trumatic event
  3. c can last for weeks to months, extensive loss of memory of personal info
  4. d preoccupation with imagined defects in appearance ie man who thought he was ugly
  5. e problem with sensory and motor functioning w/out medical explanation, causes; stress, attention as reinforcer,

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  1. it has to occur rarely but that not suffcient cause to decide somthing is abonormal, ex social deviance, personal distress, maladaptive behavior
  2. anxiety is marked with high levels where no specific threat is tied.
  3. loss of motivation, sadness and dispair, stress,
  4. Disturbances in thinking, perception,emotions, and behavior, lose contact w/ reality 3 types Disorganized,Catatonic, Paranoid
  5. marked by diverse physical complaints that appear to be in the mind, ie hypochondriasis, body dysmorphic disorder, conversion disorder

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  1. bipolar disorderafraid of having same kind of panic attack,afriad of the attack not the thing


  2. Axia 1 A1 clinical disorderssleep disorders, schizophrenia


  3. Homesexualitywas once listed as a disorder, it was modifyed and changed after hearing Activist voices and America adapting its values


  4. Rosenhan 1973differs from what society considers acceptable.


  5. OCDthoughts are the obssion, and the urges to engage in senseless rituals is the compulsion