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  1. PTS post tramatic stress
  2. Dissociative Fugue
  3. personal distress
  4. A5
  5. A Disorganized schizo
  1. a is needed to see how well the condition is improving
  2. b sever deterioration of adaptive behavior, withdrawl from society, no emotion,babbling and giggling
  3. c travel far away and wake up not knowing where you are, travel far away with loss of memory of past events
  4. d people who are troubled by anxiety or depression disorders
  5. e psycological disturbance due to major trumatic event

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  1. can last for weeks to months, extensive loss of memory of personal info
  2. ...
  3. abnormal and normal exist on a continuum, it does not mean dangerous or bad, they come in mild moderate and severe forms
  4. multiple personalitys
    each one is different from the other
  5. delusions of presecution and delusions of Grandeur (believe to have many enemies,

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  1. insanityindividual is not responsible for the crime committed


  2. body dysmorph disorderpreoccupation with imagined defects in appearance ie man who thought he was ugly


  3. A2 personality disorderslong patterns of extreem inflexible personality traits that are deviant or maladaptive and lead ot impaired functioning or subjective distress


  4. manic episodehigh activity, pressured speech,Flight of ideas, poor judgement


  5. phobiasit has to occur rarely but that not suffcient cause to decide somthing is abonormal, ex social deviance, personal distress, maladaptive behavior