Chapter 8 US Quiz Questions

What was the principal reason that the Second Continental Congress selected George Washington to head the army in 1775?
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What is the military significance of Washington crossing the Delaware on Christmas Day in 1776 and later surprising the Hessians at Trenton and Princeton, New Jersey?c. It enabled the Patriots to keep New England from being attacked and isolated by the British.The battle of Saratoga proved vitally important to the American cause becausea. it encouraged France to provide much-needed milltary aid.Which of the following was NOT among America's goals for revolutionizing international affairs after its battle for independence?e. forging military alliancesThe Treaty of Fort Stanwix wasa. the first treaty between the US and an Indian nation.Why have women's rights activists historically regarded Abigail Adams as a heroine when there was no full-fledged women's movement in America until the 1840s?She urged her prominent husband, John Adams, to consider women's rights in the development of independent America.The Revolutionary War became a global conflagration because of the following countries played a roll EXCEPTPoland