Death of a Salesman Act 2: Quiz

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Was Willy every a good salesman?There was a time when he was a competent (good) salesman (he owns a house and was able to raise his children)Who is the most important person Willy tries to sell himself to?Biff, he wants Biff to view him as the greatest father.Why does Willy sell himself to Charley?He wants Charley to think he is a great successWhat does Willy think about his funeral?Hundreds of people will show up and Biff will be amazedWhen Willy kills himself, what does he think will happen to Biff?He will inherit $20,000 from his life insurance and pursue his dreams. However, the life insurance does not provide for people who intentionally take their lives.What happens when Willy asks his boss Howard for a position in New York?Willy ends up getting firedIn the scene where Willy gets fired, Howard has a recorder he used to record his wife and children. What does Howard say about the recorder?Howard's says that the recorder is the greatest thing ever and Willy should buy one (it is $150- a lot for Willy / Howard is wealthy)What is insensitive about the scene where Howard talks about the recorder?Howard tells Willy he should buy one and that its only $150 knowing that he is going to fire Willy a few moments later. We can see that Willy and Howard come from different worlds.What happens when Howard leaves the room and tells Willy to get himself together?Willy accidentally touched the recorder and it goes on. Willy freaks out.Why does Willy freak out when the recorder turns on?He is hit right in the face with modern technology and he cannot handle it. This is a world where Willy doesn't belong.Why is it funny that Howard is bragging about his kids on the recorder?His son is reciting the capitals and gets one wrong-> he says Cincinnati is the capital of Ohio when it is really ColumbusWhy does Willy decide not to go to Alaska with Ben even though he could make a fortune?Linda kept telling Willy that he had a good life where he was and Willy agreed with herSince Linda pushed Willy not to go to Alaska, how does their relationship change?Willy shows some resentment towards Linda & there is some tension between them (whenever Willy tells Linda to shut up is indicative of their relationship)Why does Biff not attend summer school after failing math?When he goes to Boston to ask Willy to talk his math teacher into passing him, he finds Willy with another woman. He concludes that Willy is a fake. This moment turns everything in Biff's life.Considering the restaurant what does Biff want to do with Willy? What does Happy want to do the Willy?Happy wants Biff to tell Willy that Mr. Oliver is thinking over his business proposition in hopes that his father will eventually forget. Biff wants to tell Willy the truth and that he didn't get the job.