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Raising ? requires the most land and water

beef cattle

which of the following requires the least land to produce 1 kg of protein



is an agricultural practice of growing large strands of a single species

GM crops require

artificial pollination methods

Bt crops

have been given a bacterial gene that gives chemical protection against pests

green revolution techniques

have increased crop yields but may not be sustainable

Relative to agriculture, insects are usually

essential pollinators and predators for sustainable systems

seed bands are important for

protecting genetic diversity

it is more energetically efficient for us to eat more

plant based foods

The loss of species from the planet


Differences in DNA composition among individuals within a given species

genetic diversity

protected animals, such as tigers, that need large amounts of land

umbrella species

an area that supports an especially great diversity of endemic species


which scientists classify species using an organisms physical appearance and genetic makeup


The greatest diversity (number of different species) of organisms can be found in


A species of lizard has gone extinct. This could be due to any of the following reasons except

increased genetic diversity within the species

in general successfully introduced species experience

competitive success against native species

Bullfrog tadpoles are often sold as fish bait, even in areas where they do not occur naturally. When people buy 10 of them and dont use them all, they often dump the remainder into the lake or river. this is an example of

introduced species

biodiversity enhances human food security because it

is a potential source os new food items or new genetic varieties of existing foods

Removal of which of the following species will always result in the greatest changes in an ecological system?

a keystone species

The species most often vulnerable to human impact is the



increases biodiversity by providing income to areas that might otherwise be destroyed

The first national park was


___% of earth's land area is currently covered by forest?



Has the greatest impact in tropical areas and arid regions

Why do developing nations impose few or no restrictions on logging?

They are desperate for economic development


removes all trees from an area

controlled burns would be used in forests

That are subjects to severe wild fires to remove fuel load and stimulate new growth

Edge effects are a particular problem when

formerly large habitats are reduced to small fragments

Paper parks are

areas protected on paper but not in reality due to lack of funding

The area effect of the equilibrium theory of island biogeography suggests that

the number of species increases with the size of the island; all else being equal, larger island contain more species

edge effects are a particular problem when

formerly large habitats are reduced to small fragments

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