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Marbury v. Madison

president was going out but put someone in power; judicial review

Mcculloch v. Maryland

banker in Maryland wanted to tax federal bank; decision was no

Dred Scott v. Sanford

scott was a slave in one state, went to free land, then went back to slave state wanting to be considered free; decision was no

Plessy v. Ferguson

plessy was 1/8 black man who sat on white bus; decision was he had to move to the black bus

Schenck v. United States

thought that he could type things against the espionage act; decision was he can't go against the us

Korematsu v. United States

the US locked up anybody that looked japanese after the pearl harbor attack, so korematsu refused to leave his home; he had to leave by a 6-3 vote

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas

linda brown was denied to go to white schools everyday; she won her case unanimously

Mapp v. Ohio

a search warrant looking for a fugitive but snooped big time, finding obscene books and pictures; dropped conviction with a 6-3 vote

Baker v. Carr

aportionment, didn't redraw the lines in TN after 10 years; vote 6-2 in favor of redrawing lines

Engel v. Vitale

prayer in school was okay, but Engel objected to this practice; prayer in school is gone due to ruling of 6-1

Abington Township v. Schempp

public schools required students to read 10 versus of the bible in PA, but the town didn't like it; no bible readings in school

Gideon v. Wainwright

gideon was a poor man, a thief, served 4 prison terms, however asked for an attorney and didnt get one, he was guilty in lower courts; final ruling in favor of him

Reynolds v. Sims

in AL people weren't happy about the district lines; ruled 8-1 they had to redraw the lines (one man, one vote)

Miranda v. Arizona

was arrested at home, accused of kidnap and rape, wasn't aware that he could remain silent; ruled in his favor 5-4 vote, it was against constitution

In re Gault

15 year old, prank call, he went to juvenile without parent notification; ruled in his favor because parents weren't notified

Tinker v. Des Moines School

family spoke out against the vietnam war by wearing arm bands during christmas, they were removed from schools; ruled in their favor, they could wear them

Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education

segregated by creating discriminate bus routes; ruled to change it

Wisconsin v. Yoder

every child is required to attend public school until 16, but it was against members of the amish religion; ruled in their favor, it was against freedom of religion

Roe v. Wade

a girl wanted an abortion but the doctor wouldn't do it in TX; ruled in favor of her if in the first trimester 7-2, overturning 46 states

United States v. Nixon

spies went to a hotel to record discussions for the campaign, watergate scandal; ruled to turn over the tapes

Wallace v. Jaffree

said that the moment of silence was endorsing religion; Jaffree won

New Jersey v. T.L.O.

14 year old smoked in bathroom at school, the principle searched her purse; school didn't violate constitution, school won

Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier

birth control was put into school newspaper, principle said not to put it in there; 5-3 voting that schools can censor the newspaper

Texas v. Johnson

flag burning protesting Reagon administration; freedom of speech

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