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Let's learn the names of SNSD!!!

Born: September 22, 1989
She's the best dancer to the max!
Underrated, doesn't get any camera time or lines; she's fierce

Born: April 18, 1989
One of the main singers, spent her youth in America and can speak English fluently

Born: June 28, 1991
Maknae (Korean for youngest member), wants to be a diplomat when she's older, was on We Got Married for over a year with Yonghwa from CN Blue (Shinwoo from You're Beautiful), can play piano and has a good voice, very disciplined

Born: May 15, 1989
MY FAVORITE! 'CAUSE SHE'S FIERCE! She has a lot of sisters. Her mom, her older sister, and her all share the same birthday; her uncle is Lee Soo Man (creator and old boss of SM entertainment)

Born: August 1, 1989
She's a California girl. Her name is actually Stephanie, but because Stephanie from CSJH the Grace already existed, she became Tiffany

Born: February 10, 1990
I don't have much to say about Sooyoung. She's entertaining though

Born: March 9, 1989
Oldest member and leader of SNSD, she's the voice

Born: May 30, 1989
Korea's favorite girl. Seriously, she's the ideal type of so many boys from boybands and actors. She's crazy.

Born: December 5, 1989
She's quite sexy, apparently. She seems nice.

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