Buddhist Psychology

25 terms by rickslick19

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siddhartha gautama

historical buddha


awakened one;


continuation of the effects of karma in previous lifetimes into the present

Four Noble Truths

1. there is suffering
2. origin of suffering
3. end of suffering
4. there is a path to end suffering


craving for a variety of things including physical objects and even the self

eightfold path

method for achieving the end of suffering


intentional or willed activity, which produces consequences

mind and body

physical world and consciousness are not distince


transformation from ordinary consciousness in which person recognizes the true nature of things


lasting happiness from an internal source


learn how to deal with anger

love and other emotions

emotions can be problematic because they interfere with accurate perception of reality


realizing that the separate self is an illusion, and so the selfish desires of individuals have no merit


moving towards inner peace creates a more peaceful world


community living in harmony and awareness


spiritual practice; various forms exist


spiritual teacher


riddles for overcoming preconceptions


practice in which attention is consciously regulated to enhance serenity and well being

concentrative mediation

focuses attention on an object, often the breath

mindfulness meditation

thoughts are observed but not judged


sitting meditation


the true intrinsic nature of things


a spiritually enlightened person who remains in the world to help others on their spiritual path


suffering, which is accepted in the First Noble Truth

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