History Exam 3

among the most serious domestic problems facing the united states after world war 11 were...
inflation and labor relations
the passage of the taft-hartley act over truman's veto in 1947..
was a blow to labor
The founding of the American GI forum in 1948 and subsequent efforts by mexican americans to challenge their segregation in public schools demonstrated the..
growing mobilization of mexican americans in the southwest
immediately after world war II, women were expected to..
leave jobs in the manufacturing sector
as the first republican to serve as president after the new deal, dwight d. eisenhower can be credited with..
leaving the size and functions of the federal government intact
between 1940 and 1960, the output of farms in the united states increased, and the number of farmworkers...
decreased by nearly one-third
many americans moved to the sun belt in the 1950's because..
the advent of air-conditioning made it possible to live and wok in the region more comfortably
in the book, the feminine mystique, author betty friedan put forward the idea that..
women should have more choices
the most important changes in civil rights in the 1950's were instigated by..
ordinary african americans
developments of the 1950's set teh stage for..
black and women's protest movements in the 1960's and 1970's
president kennedy believed that to eradicate poverty and solve most social problems, the united states needed to..
grow the economy
in 1961, the congress of racial equality organized freedom rides to..
integrate interstate transportation in the south
the march on washington in august 1963 was important because it..
gave the civil rights movement great respectability
president lyndon baines johnson came to the white house..
with enormous skill in persuading and threatening legislators
the most important factor in the passage of the civil rights act of 1964 was..
growing public support for civil rights
the medicare program provided..
a universal hospital insurance for the elderly
more people in the black civil rights movement became radicalized when ..
the realities of economic disparity became more apparent
by 1966, the principles espoused by malcom x had given rise to the..
black power movement
martin luther king, jr. was assassinated on april 4, 1968, while
supporting a municipal garbage workers' strike in memphis
the civil rights movement of the 1960's can be considered the most important movement in the twentieth century because it..
addressed questions of power, inequality, and mistreatment
the significance of the port huron statement lay mainly in its..
tone of urgent moral passion
drawing on the example of the beats of the 1950's, the counterculture of the 1960's..
focused on personal rather than political change
an important goal of the american indian movement was..
the establishment of "survival schools" to teach indian history and values
vine deloria and his book, custer died for your sins, were important because they..
articulated an indian perspective on pressing issues.
cesar chavez and dolores huerta are best known for their efforts to..
improve the conditions of migrant farmworkers in california
all of the following were results of latino protests in the 1960's and 1970's except
sharp reduction in poverty
one factor underlying the new wave of feminism in the late 1960's and early 1970's was the..
escalating number of women in the workplace
in the video "times are a-changin" the story of charlene mcaden and sherrie mcaden tarpley illustrates..
the importance of birth control in women's lives
women of color were critical of white women's organizations because those organizations..
seemed indifferent to the poverty disproportionately face by minority women
the peace corps was launched by the kennedy administration in 1961 to..
work directly with the people in third world countries
the thirteen-day cuban missile crisis of 1962..
brought the world's two superpowers perilously close to nuclear war
all of the following are lessons that can be derived from the cuban missile crisis except..
nuclear weapons are inefficient in regional conflicts
the decision by the united states to support the cancellation of free elections in vietnam in 1956..
violated one of america;s democratic principles
the gulf of tonkin resolution was important because it..
provided congressional authorization for escalation of forces in vietnam
the initiation of operation rolling thunder in february 1965 was one sign that..
the war in Vietnam had become america's war
one of the practical reasons for protesting the vietnam war was the belief that..
the war could not be won
the tet offensive marked a significant turning point in the vietnam war because it..
caused more people to question if the war could be won.
"peace with honor" in vietnam..
meant a truce that ended the direct involvement of the united states in the war
all of the following are lessons drawn from the vietnam war except..
disseminate optimistic reports even when losing the conflict
after world war II, liberalism became..
more concerned with social justice
the turmoil surrounding the 1968 democrat party convention in chicago..
reflected the discord within the party and the nation
the presidential candidac of george c. wallace in 1968 appealed to.
americans who were outraged by assaults on traditional values by students and others
the u.s. president who created the environmental protective agency was.
richard m nixon
during the nixon administration, the number of government assistance programs
actually grew
president nixon saw chief justice earl warren's resignation in 1969 as an opportunity to put a..
more conservative justice on the court
during the investigation of the watergate affair, one of the major constitutional questions was whether..
the president is subject to the judicial process
the house judiciary committee voted to charge president nixon with all of the following as grounds for impeachment except..
tax evasion
a key factor in the disintegration of the liberal coalition was the..
support for civil rights
during the period of 1945-1976 americans ethnic, racial, and gender minority groups..
saw the benefit of expressing self-identity
in her 1964 book, a choice not an echo, phyllis schlafly..
pushed barry goldwater for president
supporters of the proposed equal rights amendment
underestimated those opposed to ratification
the election of 1980 was significant because..
conservatives had come to dominate the republican party
ronald reagan earned the nickname the "teflon president" because..
none of his mistakes or falsehoods seemed to stick to him
the word "liberal" became a dirty word in the 1980's because..
conservatives provided the definition of the term
president george h. w. bush saw himself as a guardian of the reagan legacy, hut he was more inclined than president reagan had been to
approve government activity in the private sphere
bill clinton won the 1992 presidential election for all of the following reasons except
ross perot dropped out of the race
the welfare reform measures passed during the clinton presidency..
set a lifetime limit on welfare payments for five years
in 1998, the house of representatives voted to impeach president clinton..
on the count of perjury and obstruction of justice
the slumping economy of the late 1970's contributed to a national sense of..
in 1979, in response to the nation's dependence on foreign oil, president carter established the..
department of energy
president reagan's initial strategy to fix the lagging u.s. economy involved..
introducing a massive tax cut
in the video a new economy, economist julianne makes the point that
capitalism works more smoothly and fairly with oversight
during the 1980s an d1990s the work force in america
became more segmented between low and high wage works
one reason george h w bust ultimately abandoned his no new taxes pledge was that he
had inherited a huge budget deficit from the reagan administration
the clinton administration ended its eight years in office with
a surplus in the federal budged and the longest economic boom in history
the "new wave" of the service economy of the 1980s and 1990s featured jobs in the area of
information technology
the group that best symbolized americans celebration of wealth in the 1980s was the
one of the major factors supporting the culture of wealth in the 1980s and 1990s was the
easy availability of credit
during the 1980s, average personal income increased and economic inequality
increased as well
in the video, life in the fast lane, the peg burns philip deloria family illustrates the
changing roles for women and men in the modern household
advances in gay and lesbian rights in the 1970s and 1980s included
all of the above..
president carter sponsored legislation to create the superfund in response to the
environmental disaster in love canal, new york
the fastest growing immigrant groups in the us at teh end of the 20th century were latinos and
in the video, life in the fast lane, affirmative action is described as a policy that
pays attention to race and gender in decision making
when president carter took office in 1977 he promised to
apply moral principles to foreign policy
all of the following were reasons the iranian government was hostile to the us after the shah left the country except
america's close ties with iraq
all of the following were associated with the increase in military spending during the reagan administration except
installation of a laster defense shield
the iran-contra scandal invovled all of the following actions on the part of the reagan administration except
illegally declaring war on iran
the changes that took place in the soviet union in the late 1980s were primarily attributable to
reform proposals initiated by mikhail gorbachev
the destruction of the berlin wall was significant because it
symbolized the end of the soviet repression in the area
the us intervened in the iraqi invasions of kuwait because the
us needed to maintain access to kuwaits oil resources
one consequences of americas policy in the early 1990s to stay out of foreign disputes unless its vital interest were at stake was the
massacre of half a million people in a brutal civil war in rwanda
all of the following were consequences for the end of the cold war except
regional alliances were no longer relevant