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The INITIAL purpose of stump wrapping is to:

aid in venous return and reduce swelling

What is an important travel tip for people with COPD?

avoid elevation above 4000 feet unless in a pressurized cabin

What produces esophageal speech?

burping to exert pressure and produce vibration

What is not included in a patient's occupational history?

past learning difficulties

Blindness of the nasal half of one eye and the temporal half of the other is known as:

homonymous hemianopsia

The terms perceived "susceptibility," "perceived threat," and "cues to action" are important concepts in which nursing theory?

health belief model

What bladder disorder will MOST likely be present in a patient with a CVA?

uninhibited neurogenic bladder

What is the legal definition of blindness?

visual field restriction of up to 20 degrees or central visual acuity in the better eye of no more than 20/200

Pursed lip breathing improves oxygenation because it:

keeps the alveoli open longer

What is a result of injury to the satiety center?


Tardive dyskinesia, associated with the prolonged use of psychotropic drugs, may be assessed by instructing the patient to:

grimace, smile, frown, pucker, and chew

With normal capillary perfusion, the color will return within:

3 seconds

What is an appropriate nursing intervention for a pt. experiencing physiological and/or psychosocial disturbances who has recently been transferred from one environment to another?

encourage pt's verbalization of feelings

A patient who is unwilling to discuss his disability or to touch or look at his involved body parts may have a nursing diagnosis of:

body image disturbance

What is a principle upon which learning depends?

providing for learner participation

Autonomous areflexic bladder dysfunction occurs when a lesion involves:

both the motor and sensory components of the sacral segments of the spinal cord

Reflexogenic erections are possible when which spinal segments are perserved?


What is the Barthel Index?

consists of 10 items that measure a person's daily functioning specifically the activities of daily living and mobility

What is a normal finding when assessing the skin of an elderly person?

decreased subcutaneous fat

What is the premise of the Bobath neurodevelopmental technique?

pt's learn the sensation of movement, not the movement itself

Sleep deprivation can result in:


A patient who presents with drooling or insufficiently chewed food has a problem in which phase of the swallowing process?


Upon discharge, what is the MOST important learning outcome for the patient with quadriplegia?

demonstrating knowledge and skills of self care

Which part of the brain control temperature?


In order to qualify for SSI, an individual must:

demonstrate financial need by income level

In the absence of an audiologist, which professionals would formally evaluate a pt's hearing?

speech therapist

The three point gate consists of:

moving both crutches forward along with the affected leg and followed by the unaffected leg

What is the most therapeutic position for distribution of body weight over bony prominences?


Proprioceptors mediate deep somatic sensations related primarily to:

position and movement

The most common barrier to community re-entry that a patient with disabilities encounters is:

societal attitudes

What is a characteristic of the autonomous neurogenic bowel?

flaccid anal sphincter

Which cranial nerves innervate the muscles necessary for eye movemnet?

oculomotor, abducens, and trochlear

The factor determining Social Security Disability Insurance eligibility is that the person:

can no longer engage in gainful activity

In a patient with hemiplegia, how should the affected shoulder be positioned to minimize the risk of shoulder problems?


In developing a discharge plan, it is MOST essential to consider the patient's:

previous lifestyle

The sensory strip is located in the:

parietal lobe

A neurological exam of a pt. with a complete lower motor neuron lesion would demonstrate which reflex activity?

bulbocavernosus absent

What intervention would help a pateint with figure ground deficit to dress independently?

choose distinct colors or patterns for different articles of clothing

When assisting a patient with spastic cerebral palsy to perform activities of daily living, what action is most important?

moving spastic body parts with slow, even movements

What is a common side effect of hyperosmotic tube feedings?


The General Aptitude Test Battery and the Differential Aptitude Test are frequently used to measure:

cognitive ability

A prudent cardiac rehabilitation exercise program for a pt. following myocardial infarction is based upon:

gradually increasing exercise after cardiac testing

A pt. with a right hemisphere CVA may be at risk for injury due to:

impulsivity and perceptual deficits

Which complication in the pt. with paraplegia is indicative of maladaptation?

reccurent pressure ulcers over three years post discharge

A patient with a complete SCI at T5 uses digital rectal stimulation to:

stimulate peristalsis and relax the anal spincter

ALS affects:

skeletal muscles

What is the lowest level of SCI that requires a pt. to be ventilator-dependent due to the neurological injury?


A form of NEGLECT in which the pt. fails to recognize the severity of paralysis is:


Which intervention is useful for a person with hypercalcemia?

force fluids

What advice about walking should be given to the pt. with Parkinson's disease?

lift the toes with every step

The MOST important treatment in promoting wound healing is:

a high protein diet

A pt. with a right hemisphere CVA generally experience a DECREASE in:

processing of directional information

The INITIAL step in planned change is to:

identify a need for change

Subluxation of the shoulder in a pt. with hemiplegia can be prevented by:


For the pt. with decreased attention span, the nurse should:

use repetition

What type of depression is a pt. MOST likely to experience following the onset of disability?


What is a true statement regarding a person with a laryngectomy?

breathing and coughing patterns change

What is the primary purpose of the bridging technique?

avoid pressure on boney prominences

A pt. whose SCI is above the sacral reflex arc generally has what type of neurogenic bladder?


What best defines a contracture?

shortening of muscle fibers

What is a MAJOR complication often occuring in pts. with a lower extremity amputation?

hip flexion contracture

According to the gate control theory by Melzack and Wall, the

cells in the dorsal horn block transmission of nerve impulses

In preparing a pt. for crutch walking, it is essential to:

begin exercises to strengthen the upper extremities

The pt. seems unaware of objects on his right side. What is MOST important in planning how to help him compensate for this loss?

encourage the pt. to position and turn his head frequently to scan the environment on his affected side

What is an appropriate nursing intervention for the pt. who has trouble remembering the sequence of simple tasks?

giving one command at a time

What strategy may BEST resolve the interprofessional issues that are a frequent cause of rehabilitation team dysfunction?

conflict management

What is the PRIMARY characteristic of Broca's (nonfluent) aphasia?

ability to speak only a word or two with great effort

The FIRST sign of respiratory muscle fatigue is usually:

an increase in respiratory rate

An intrinsic factor which affects tissue tolerance and is responsible for pressure ulcer development is:

low arteriolar pressure

The FIRST step in developing a pt. education program is to assess:

the educational need

What should discharge instructions to a pt. with COPD regarding use of an inhaler include?

coordinating the squeezing action upon inhalation

Antihypertensives may cause urinary incontinence because they:

relax the smooth muscle of the bladder neck

According to Lewin's theory, what are the stages of change?

unfreezing, moving, refreezing

The act of recognizing objects on the basic of touching and manipulating them is:


What is the MOST important part of a job analysis?

visit the job site

What is the PLISSIT Model?

an approach used for sexual counseling that involves four levels of intervention

How should a pt. with dysphagia and hemiplegia be positioned for meals

leaning at 90 degrees leaning slightly forward

A person with verbal apraxia experiences difficulty with:

voluntary speech

What area of the spinal cord controls bladder, bowel, and sexual functioning?


Intake of which foods should be increase during the healing phase of a drainging pressure ulcer?

meat and legumes

Positive Homan's sigh is an indication of:


What is the major focus of Orem's Nursing Model?


When assessing the bowel function of a child with spinal bifida, the nurse is MOST likely to encounter:

ineffective defecation reflex and leakage of fecal matter

A positive gag reflex indicates that:

pharyngeal muscles are constricting

When teaching the pt. with left hemiplegia to put on a button front shirt, the first instruction should be to:

put the left arm into the sleeve

The motor strip is located in the:

frontal lobe

The teaching plan for a pt. post MI who needs to travel extensively should include emphasis on the need to:

use two small suitcases instead of one large suitcase

The MOST appropriate approach to manage fatique in a pt. with an exacerbation of MS is to schedule:

moderate conditioning exercise and higher energy activities in the morning and following rest periods

The pt. who is unable to roll over on command, but is able to do so spontaneously, MOST likely suffers from which typ of apraxia?


A value-belief pattern assessment will include questions that identify the patients:

resources for hope and strength founded on reality

The function of the lateral corticospinal tract is to:

transmit impulses for voluntary motion

Traction is used to control all of the following EXCEPT: immobility, contracture, muscle spasms, bone alignment


What cranial nerves are involved in eating?

glossopharyngeal, hypoglossal, vagus

What learning domain is MOST influenced by a lecture-style teaching approach?


What bladder retraining program would MOST likely be implemented for a pt. with a left-hemisphere CVA?

timed voiding schedule

To provide complete range of motion to the shoulder joint, which motions should be performed?

flexion/extension, abduction/adduction, internal/external rotation

Which areas are MOST at risk whan a pt. with a below the knee amputation begins ambulating with a prosthesis?

the patellar tendon and popliteal areas

Which of the following is characteristic of a pt. with a CVA who has a proprioceptive deficit on the affected side?

inability to know where the affected extremities are in relation to space

Learned helplessness is caused by:

previous exposure to events over which a pt. had no control

Which of the following techniques would BEST help the pt. with a recent amputation deal with phantom sensations and prepare for prosthesis use?

gently stimulating the stump

The average adult has a normal bladder capacity of approximately:

250-400 ml

What nursing diagnosis is BEST related to denial of physical disability six months after injury?

ineffective individual coping

Motor nerve fibers cross over in the brainstem at the level of the:


A pt. with a posterior lesion of the first temporal gyrus of the left hemisphere has:

Wernicke's aphasia

Besides joint pain, the MOST frequently cited causes of sexual impairment associated with rheumatoid arthritis include:


The volume of air that can be exhaled by the deepest possible expiration after the deepest possible inspiration is known as:

vital capcity

The MOST significant variable in determining a team's effectiveness is its:


Which of the following approaches are MOST effective in managing phantom pain?

prosthesis usage and restoration of functional abilities

Which act requires state and local sponsors to identify and recruit people with disabilities?

Comprehensive Employment and Training Act

In Bobath's third stage of recovery of movement patterns for a stroke pt., spasticity is:


A pt. who has sustained an injury to the conus medullaris will usually have which of the folowing bladder symptoms?

hypotonicity, no voiding reflex, overflow dribbling

Nursing interventions for the patient with verbal apraxia include:

having the pt. use writing as an alternative to speaking

What is the FIRST indicator of peripheral nerve impairment in a hip replacement patient?


A work sample evaluation is primarily performed to:

determine the types of tasks the person can perform

Roger's Paradigm for Nursing outlines the interaction between:

human beings and the environment

With spasticity, what complication is MOST likely if proper nursing measures are not implemented?


The 1990 Americans with Disabilities ACT expands legislation for equal access for people with disabilities to include which of the following groups?

privately-owned and funded businesses, organizations and institutions

Swan neck deformities in the fingers are caused by:

rheumatoid arthritis

Brain injuries MOST often occur as a result of:

auto accidents

In Bloom's cognitive domain of learning, the progression from basic to complex is from:

knowledge to comprehension to application

Which of the following is an application of the Bobath principles?

transfer of a patient to a chair from the affected side

Pts. with disabilities are MOST likely to comply with a skin care program when they:

perceive themselves at risk for a severe pressure ulcer

Spatial-perceptual deficits are MOST commonly associated with:

right cerebral hemisphere lesion

Which of the following MOST commonly occurs in conjunction with spina bifida?


Mechanical friction on a wound delays wound healing because it:

disrupts granulation tissue

Which ethical principle justifies an amptee's refusal to wear a prosthesis?


What symptom is MOST frequent with peripheral thrombophlebitis?

sweling and redness in an extremity

During the initial interview, the rehab nurse assesses a pt's cognition by:

determining the pt's understanding of gestures and vocal inflections

For a pt in the chronic stage of rheumatoid arthritis, which of the following interferes with functioning?

pain, muscle weakness, and joint disordees

A nurse notes hyperactive reflexes and an increased resistance to passive motion in the extremities. This is known as:


Which of the following can be achieved by a pt with C5 injury with biceps and most shoulder muscles functioning?

dressing the upper extremity, writing, and typing with devices

Which wheelchair modifications is necessary for a sliding board transfer?

removable arm rest

The inability of a person to comprehend spatial relationships involving his or her body is called:

impaired proprioception

What health and wellness theory is based on the belief that a person is capable of mobilizing his or her cognitive, socail, and behavioral skills?


Which of the following does NOT typically characterize autonomic dysreflexia? hypotension; bradycardia; sweating; nasal obstruction


A patient with left hemiplegia would be MOST likely to present:

perceptual deficits

The MOST effective bowel retraining program based on normal physiology is one in which bowel movements are consistently scheduled:

15-30 minutes after a meal

Dysarthria is characterized by:

slurred or thick-tongued speech

An initial nursing intervention for a pt. with altered respiratory function includes:

encouraging coughing and deep breathing techniques

What can cause REM suppression during sleep?


What is the function of the detrusor muscle?

contracts the urinary bladder

What is the MOST appropriate nursing intervention for fluid volume imbalance?

monitor intake and output

The MOST advanced stage of pressure ulcer grading involves:

muscle tissue and bone

Mr. V has had damage to his right parietal lobe as a result of a brain injury. Mr. V will probably have difficulty with which of the following activities?

finding his room

School age children with disabilities need to develop social skills to overcome the fear and prejudices they may face. This can be accomplished by which of the following?

providing health related activities at a time that does not interfere with critical academic subjects or peer relationships

Metered dose inhalers deliver medicine to pts. with lung disease. Which of the following is an ADVANTAGE of this delivery method?

less likelihood for systemic side effects

The cost of health care has been positively impacted by which of the following action?

payment for home care services with federal funds

What type of living environment provides supervised living for persons with similar disabilities and staff who are available at all times of the day and night?

group home

The bulbocavernosus reflex is a test that is used frequently in which pt. population to determine if there is the potential for training the bowel to empty in response to a suppository or digital stimulation?

spinal cord injury

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