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all the people in a representatives district

joint session

when both House of Representatives and Senate meet together


Dividing a state into odd-shaped districts for political reasons


when a member of congress acts dishonestly, he or she is forced to leave

select committee

a temporary committee formed to deal with issues that need special attention

joint committee

a committee that includes member of both houses

conference committee

a joint committee that meets to help House and Senate members agree on the details of a proposed law

standing committee

a permanent committee that specializes in a particular topic

expressed powers

powers of Congress listed in Article I of the Constitution


accuse an official of wrongdoing


funds for specific uses

roll-call vote

when each member's vote is a matter of public record


when one or more senators kill a bill by talking until the bill's sponsor withdraws it


limits a senator to debate for no more then one hour


when a bill is set aside without considering it

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