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World War I

When did World War 1 start?
July 28, 1914 (Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia)
What was the most immediate cause of WWI?
The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary.
When was the Archduke assassinated?
June 28, 1914
What were the causes of WW1?
1. Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand
2. Nationalism (Putting the interests of your country above everything and everyone else)
3. Military alliances
What is a military alliance?
When two or more countries agree to support one another if a war begins.
Why did military alliances help cause WW1?
Alliances made countries feel more powerful, and made them do things to anger other countries. Countries also made more weapons tensions increased.
Where and when did World War 1 Begin?
Europe in 1914
There were _______ causes of WW1.
World War 1 as fought for what reason?
As the result of several problems in Eurpoe and military alliances.
The first country do declare war in WW1 was ________?
Who did Austria-Hungary declare war against?
Too much patriotism; putting your country's interests above those of anyone else
Arms race
When countries are producing more and more weapons in order to be more powerful than their neighboring countries.
What main countries made up the Triple Alliance or Central Powers?
Austria-Hungary and Germany
What main countries made up the Triple Entente (or Allied Powers)?
France, Russia, Serbia, and Great Britain. (Later, the United States joined the Allied Powers)
When did Germany declare war and on whom?
August 4, 1914. They invaded Belguim.
What happened in Gallipoli in 1915?
From April 1915 to January 1916, Allies tried to invade the Ottoman Empire.
When was the Battle of Verdun?
In France in 1916
What happened at the Battle of Verdun?
The Germans made a surprise attack on Verdun, France. Over 300,000 soldiers died, but there was no change in the front line.
What is an agreement to stop fighting?
An armistice.
When was the armistice ending WW1?
November 11, 1918.
Who won WW1?
The Allied Powers (US, France, Great Britain)
About how many military people died in WW1?
About 10 million
About how many military people were missing?
About 7 million
Assuming the military missing people are dead, how many total people died?
About 17 million
How many US troops were killed?
About 116,708
Why did the US not have as many people killed as other Allied countries?
The US only fought in the war for about 1 1/2 years. The other countries fought for four and 1/2 years.
Why were there more deaths for the US in the Civil War versus WW1?
1. Everyone who died in the Civil War were US citizens. Other countries fought in WW1.
2. The Civil war was fought for about 5 years. We only fought in WW1 for a year and one-half.
Why did WW1 have the most deaths in a war?
Because a lot of countries were involved and there were weapons like automatic guns that killed more people at once.
When did the US enter WW1?
April 6, 1917
Why did the US enter WW1?
Because the Germans had sunk several American civilian ships, including the Lusitania, and the Allies needed our help.
How many civilians died in WW1?
About 7 million
How did the civilians die?
Due to famine, disease, and injuries.
How many nations fought in the war?
Who were the Big Three of the peace talks?
US President Woodrow Wilson, Britain's Prime Minister David Lloyd George, and France's Premier Georges Clemenceau.
What officially ended WW1?
The Treaty of Versailles
When was the Treaty of Versailles signed?
June 28, 1919
How did North Carolina affect the presence of the US in the war?
In terms of politics (participating in decisions about the war) and economics (factories making supplies and buying war bonds)
How many WW1 soldiers were from NC?
How many NC soldiers died?
More than 2,000
True or False. NC soldiers fought with soldiers from other states.
True. This was different.
Name one division NC soldiers fought with?
Old HIckory
Name three enlistment (or training) camps set up for soldiers in NC.
Camp Green, Camp Polk, and Camp Bragg
What industry in NC profited from the war?
Tobacco industry (because more people smoked, working long hours)
Name three brands of cigarettes created by RJ Reynolds?
Camel, Lucky Strike, and Chesterfields
Name some things factories in NC made for the war?
Shell casings, sheets, towels, and tobacco
Which people in NC were most patriotic?
Country people, but they did not have much money to buy war bonds
Who competed to raise money through bonds?
Factory workers and schools
Were Blacks drafted to fight?
Yes, Blacks were drafted just like whites and they showed loyalty and support for the war.
Name some things that happened in NC due to the war efforts?
Car owners had to go without gasoline at times, coal ran low, and pecan and walnut shells were collected to make filters for gas masks.
What health crisis hit in 1918 around the world?
The Spanish influenza -- the worst health crisis in NC history.
What were the effects of the war on NC?
NC was richer because farmers got good prices for tobacco and cotton, and factory workers had higher wagees.
What happened when the soldiers came home after the war ended?
There was an economic slump because there was not as much demand for factory goods and there were too many workers so wages dropped.
What happened because wages were cut?
Labor strikes (when workers refuse to work, usually as a protest over some grievances)
What was the 19th Amendment?
It gave women the right to vote.
What was the 20th Amendment?
It outlawed the sale and possession of alcoholic beverages.
What was the Great Migration?
After WW1, many Blacks left the south and moved to the North.
Why did Blacks leave the South?
Because they could vote in the North and there was no segregation.