FCE Module 2

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shepherdperson whose job is to look after sheepcapturetake an animal from freedomclaimsay sth happened but we don't know if it is true or notuprightstanding straight with head up, not bendingfamiliar (with)knowing and understandingferal, wildliving away from civilisationapelarge member of the monkey familyfictionalnot real, imaginedfolkloretraditional stories of a countryfirewoodpieces of wood used for burning in a firesummoncall sb to help youidentifyknow and say who a person ispackgroup of animals such as wolves or dogshost ofa large number ofgenuinereal, not fakeeye contactlooking into another person's eyesapproachgo up to sbanthropologistperson who studies the history and development of human lifegazellesmall deer that is elegant and fasttwitchquick movement of part of the body such as the nose, sometimes one that you cannot controljeepstrong vehicle that can drive across rough groundleapjump a long wayrecordwritten informationcompanionperson who travels or stays with you and stops you being aloneleopardanimal from the cat family with black spotsbarelyhardly, with difficultykeep upwalk or run at the same speed asright anglespace of 90 degrees (a quarter of a circle) between two lines or surfaces that joinpadthe soft part under the foot of a cat, dog, etc.toughstrong and hardcome uponfind by chancenakedwith no clothes oncardboardmaterial made of thick paperprotectionstate of being looked after, kept out of dangerregionareamilk toothfirst tooth that comes out and is later replaced by another strongertoothorphanageplace where children with no parents liveremotelong way from places where other people livelandscapeeverything you can see in a large area of landdunesmall hill of sand formed by the wind, near the sea or in a desertlagoonarea of salt water nearly closed off from the seavalleyarea of low land between two hills or mountainsjunglearea of tropical forestplainlarge flat area of landhedgesmall trees grown together to separate gardens or fieldswaterfallplace where a river falls over a cliffkayakingsport where you move across water in small canoe-like boatssurvivalstaying alive in a difficult situationwildernessarea of land that has never been developed because life there would be too harddesertedempty of peoplebroken-downof a vehicle, stopped, impossible to driveprioritymost important thing to considercivilisationbuildings and peoplepostponedelay sth until a later timesheltersth to keep you dry and safeenlargemake biggervegetationplantsmoisturesmall drops of waterappetisinglooking good to eatfacetoleraterawuncookedwormsmall snake-like creature with no arms or legs that lives in the earthnourishingof food, healthy and good for youdarebe brave enough to do sth difficultsignalmake a sign to attract peoplepoisonousdangerous if eatentherapyset of activities or treatment that can help if you have a problemtroubledhaving problems, worrying about thingsnomadicnomadicin shortto summarisekeymost importantvalueHere: sth important in liferespectpolite behaviour towards sb that you think is importanttrustbelief that sb will do what he/she sayscompassionfeeling for and desire to help those who have problems or who have less than you haveresolvefind an answer toout ofhave no more