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Phylum Porifera

1. Contain a few specialized cells
2. Asymmetrical
3. Adults are SEssile
4. Tiny pores all over body (ostia)
-central opening osculum

Phylum Cnidaria

1. Soft bodied
2. stinging tentacles
3. radial symmetry
4. Specialized tissues
-2 germ layers
-endo and ecto

Phylum Echinodermata

- spiny skeleton
-internal skeleton
-water vascular system
-radial symmetry

Phylum Annelida

1. Body divided into segments that are separated by
septa (internal walls)
2. Setae =>bristles attached to each segment
3. True Coelom (true cavity)

Phylum Arthopoda

Greater mobility and locomation
2. Tough exoskeleton => chitin
3. Segmented: 3 head, thorax, abdomen

Phylum Platyhelminthes

2. Flattened body
3. Acoelomate
-no coelom between tissues
4. Bilateral symmetry
5. Cephalization
6. Tissues
7. Gastrovascular cavity with pharynx

Phylum Mollusca

1. soft bodied
2. Internal or External shell
3. Free-swimming larva Trochopore
4. Four parts
-foot, mantle, shell, visceral mass

Phylum Chordata

-dorsal, hollow, nerve cord
-post anal tail
-pharyngeal pouches

Phylum Nematoda

1.Slender, unsegmented, tapering ends
2. Free living and Parasitic
3. 3 Germ layers
1. Body cavity: pseudocoelom

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