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Anne Sexton

P: The Starry Night

Anne Sexton

P: Sylvias Death

Anne Sexton

P: Little girl, My string bean, my lovely women

Sylvia Plath

P: Morning Song

Sylvia Plath

P: Lady Lazarus

Sylvia Plath

P: Daddy

Sylvia Plath

P: Blackberrying

Sylvia Plath

P: Child

Toni Morrison

S: Recitaif

Saul Bellow

S: From the adventures of Augie March

Jack Kerouac

S: From Big Sur

Allen Ginsberg

P: Howl

Allen Ginsberg

P: A supermarket in california

James Baldwin

Going to meet the Man

Flannery O'Connor

Good Country People

Phillip Roth

Defender of Faith

Sandra Cisneros

Woman Hollering Creek

Sherman Alexie

P: At Navajo Monument Valley Tribal School

Sherman Alexie

P: Pawn Shop

Sherman Alexie

P: Crow Testament

Sherman Alexie

S: Do not go gentle

Jeffrey Eugenides

S: the Virgin Suicides

Jhumpa Lahiri

S: Sexy

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