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11 Birthdays by Mass QUESTIONS

DO YOU KNOW THE BOOK!!!!!????? :)

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11 Birthdays by Mass QUESTIONS
DO YOU KNOW THE BOOK!!!!!????? :)
What are the two main characters first names?
Amanda and Leo
What kind of ballon is in front of Amanda's bed when she wakes up on her birthday(s).
What did Amanda forget on her way to school on her birthday(s)?
her lunch
How many times did Amanda and Leo relive their birthday?
What did Amanda and Leo do to stop reliving the same day over and over again?
The had their birthdays together and replaced the vase that held the apple plant.
Why was Amanda angry at Leo?
They got into a fight on their 10th birthday
Which birthday did Amanda and Leo make flower pots?
5th Birthday
What sad event happened to Amanda's mother every night?
She lost her job.
What band did Leo see every night?
The Knee-Slapping Five
Who is the oldest women in Willow Falls?
Angelina D'Angelo
What town does Amanda live in?
Willow Falls
What is the special appearance that Angelina has?
She has a birthmark on her face that looks like a DUCK.
What is left in front of her locker on her birthday?
Green Apple Lollipop
What does Amanda want to try out for?
The orchestra/band
What does Kylie's diary say on the front?
What wakes Amanda up every morning?
Her Spongebob alarm clock.
What does her friends give her everyday at school?
A cupcake
Who does Amanda think decorated her locker?
Her friends
Who really decorated her locker?
Who does Amanda call the boy who is sad because he forgot his homework?
Bee Boy
What does Amanda do for Bee Boy?
She makes a example of the periodic table.
How does something pass over into the next day?
It has to be on the person's body.
Why is the Bee Boy not like Amanda's periodic table at first?
She drew it in purple pen and purple is girly.
What does Amanda's mom take instead of her own poster?
She takes Kylie's poster