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The strength of the domestic textile industry today is in its ability to:


Who buys up the products produced that exceeded what you had orders for called?


A company which owns machinery to produce fabric is a:


Fabrics used for luggage would usually be categorized in which end use grouping?

fabrics sold at retail

Over-the-counter sales of fabric are

greige goods, finished fabric

A textile converter buys ________ and converts it to ________ .


A filament fiber is a short textile fiber.

the spinnerette

The shape and size of
manufactured fibers are determined by


The first and smallest building block of a fabric is

select appropriate fabrics for a particular end-use such as a child's dress, draperies, or bed linens.

A fashion buyer or interior designer need textile knowledge to

cross-sectional shape.

A factor that helps determine the "hand" of a fiber is

drape well

Flexibility, as a fiber property, will allow the fiber to

to spring back to shape after being creased or twisted.

Resiliency is a fiber property that allows the fiber

all answers are correct

Static electricity can cause

better cover

A crimped fiber will usually give a fabric ________ than if it were thin and straight.

all answers are correct

Luster of a fabric is significantly affected by the fiber's

Permanently crease retentive

A thermoplastic fiber makes the fabric and garment


A triangular shaped fiber will feel harsher and hide soil better than a round fiber.

greater wrinkle resistance

A resilient fiber should help a garment to have

abrasion resistant

A durable fabric usually contains fibers which are


A textile fiber can always be identified through the burning test.


Acetate is a _______ fiber.


Which fiber wrinkles the most?

dissolves the acetate.

Acetone (nail polish remover) can be used to identify an acetate fabric because the acetone


A 100% flax fabric is called


Tussah silk is produced from cultivated silk worms.

is stronger wet than dry


50% polyester/50% wool

You want a fabric for warm, permanently pleated winter skirts to sell in Chicago. Your best choice would be

are naturally comfortable to the skin; need no special finish

All cotton blouse fabrics


Chemical composition is used as the basis for designating generic fiber names.


What is the most desirable end-use for glass fibers?


Lyocell best approximates the characteristics of


Rayon's absorbency is _____ for a manufactured fiber.


Acrylic is a _____ substitute.


You need to select a fiber for an area rug that will be in a sunny entry. Which fiber is the best choice?

has better wet strength

A HWM rayon is superior to a viscose rayon because it


Which fiber "felts" when laundered?

100% acetate

After burning part of a filament fabric, and finding that it smells like burning paper, you apply acetone to the fabric. The fabric dissolves. The fabric is most likely made of


What was the first thermoplastic fiber on the market?


A 100% flax fabric is called


Staple fibers are the basis for making textured yarns.


Fabrics made from worsted yarns are softer and generally fuzzier than fabrics made from woolen yarns.


Crepe twist yarns are yarns with very high twist.

all of the above

Texturized filament yarns may have


A potential garment performance problem related to the use of textured polyester yarn fabric is


Spun yarns are generally smoother, stronger and more lustrous than filament yarns.

long staple

Combed yarn cotton is spun from fiber which is


The word used to describe the size or weight of filament yarns is denier.
Question 8 answers


Yarns that have interesting surface effects such as lumps and curls are called ______ yarns.

30 denier yarn

Assuming all else is the same, the yarn that would result in the sheerest polyester chiffon is


You wish to imitate a wool sweater with a manufactured fiber. Which should you buy?

stronger than singles when both are the same size.

A reason for using plied spun yarns instead of singles is


When two or more fibers are present in a single-spun yarn, it is called a blended yarn.


The combination of fibers you would look for in a "one size fits all" garment to get the best combination of strength and stretch is


Textured yarns are generally bright and lustrous.


Yarns composed of relatively short lengths of fiber are called novelty yarns.

high twist is stronger.

Comparing yarns of high twist with yarns of low twist, generally you would find that


Work clothes are best made from


Most textured yarns are produced from fibers which are


Very fine cotton yarns are called carded yarns.

change the filling yarn

The most rapid and economical change that can be made on a loom is

the finished edge of a woven fabric.

Selvage is a term used to describe

shuttleless loom

Which loom will produce fabric the fastest?


To make woven fabrics, yarns are


The simplest and most used weave is

increased cost and weight

If all yarns remain the same size, as the picks per inch are increased, you get


Ribs are the horizontal ridges in a woven fabric.

plain weave

Rib and basket weaves are variations of the


A weave which produces a diagonal line in the cloth


Lengthwise yarns are known as

small geometric designs woven in

Dobby shirting is a name of a fabric which has

plain weave

Assuming all is equal except the weave, which fabric is the least likely to snag?

a cut warp pile weave

Velvet is an example of

jacquard weave

You want to stock a line of expensive evening jackets, for women, that have an elaborate woven-in design. You would look for a fabric made with a

leno weave

When purchasing an open weave fabric for curtains, the most stable fabric would be made in the


The pile weave fabric listed below is

leno weave

Marquisette fabric is made from an open weave in which warp yarns twist around the filling yarns. The name of this weave is

all of the above

Luster in satin fabrics is a result of

two or more warp yarns pass over and under two or more filling yarns

In a basket-weave fabric

all of the above.

Floats in a fabric


The simplest and most used weave is

all of the above.

Floats in a fabric

the finished edge of a woven fabric.

Selvage is a term used to describe


Usually the thinner yarns in a woven fabric are the filling yarns.

change the filling yarn

The most rapid and economical change that can be made on a loom is


A fabric with a jacquard design used as a tablecloth is damask.


Gabardine fabric is usually made with a twill weave.

increased cost and weight

If all yarns remain the same size, as the picks per inch are increased, you get

all of these

Which woven fabric uses yarns to create a ribbed effect?


When a yarn passes over two or more adjacent yarns, it is referred to as


Mosquito netting fabric is best made with a leno weave.


A herringbone design is made with a satin weave.

change the filling yarn

The most rapid and economical change that can be made on a loom is


Ribs are the horizontal ridges in a woven fabric.


Tapestry is made with dobby designs on a dobby loom.

shuttleless loom

Which loom will produce fabric the fastest?


Fabrics elongate most in which direction?


The pile weave fabric listed below is


Wale is a term used with velvet fabric.

a cut warp pile weave

Velvet is an example of

wrists and neck openings of sweaters

Rib knits are most commonly used for


The most rapid textile production is


A knit shirt/top made of a cotton rib knit would generally be a heavier fabric with greater stretch than one made of cotton jersey knit.


A course in a knit fabric is a horizontal row of stitches.

it is of better quality

Fashion marks on a knitted garment are an indication that

wales, courses

The lengthwise grain in a knit fabric corresponds to the _____, the _____ is the crosswise grain

a and b are both correct

The tuck stitch may be used to


Most weft knitting is circular knitting.


Knitted stripes in a weft knit fabric are usually horizontal stripes.


Jersey fabrics look the same on both sides.


The knitted fabric most used in lingerie is


The crochet look currently popular in tops and the thermal knit made for long underwear are both usually made on a _____ knitting machine.

warp knits

Raschel knits are

lace and open fabrics

Raschel knitting can be used to make


Tricot fabrics may be recognized by a slightly zigzag/diagonal series of yarns on one side.

the greater wales per inch

The higher the number of the cut in a knit fabric

more stable than weft knits

Warp knits as compared to weft knits are generally

improve stability of knit fabrics

Laid-in yarns in weft and warp knitting


Most T-shirts are made from circular knit jersey.

fake fur fabric

Sliver knitting is used to produce


Which of these products would be the most appropriate use for felt fabric?

Schiffli machine

Practically all embroidery sold in the UNited States is machine-made on the

foam laminate

Which of the following structures will provide a greater degree of insulation?

all of the above

Nonwoven materials are important in

leavers machine

While some would argue that real lace must be handmade, which machine was designed to make lace?

all of the above are true.

Felt fabrics


Disposable nonwoven wipes are being used in consumer facial care for cleaning and moisterizing.


Most carpets in the United States are made by


When thermoplastic fibers are used to produce nonwoven material, they are usually held together by adhesive.

can be biodegradable and eco-friendly

Nonwoven products


Solution dyed colors are not possible with


A fabric that changes color when subjected to different lighting conditions has a problem called:


Which class of coloring can be used on any fiber?

piece dyeing

The least expensive method of dyeing listed is

yarn dyeing

The dye method used to produce a green and white plaid pattern in a 100% cotton broadcloth is


Heather effect in a 100% woolen fabric is accomplished by _______ dyeing.


Last minute color decisions are possible when you use ______ dyeing.


No single dye class is capable of dyeing all textile fibers.


Pigment coloring may be done as fiber, yarn, piece or garment.


One difficulty with computer shade matching and dye formulations is that there is no way to control metamerism.


Pigment prints and heat transfer prints are practically the same and one would have difficulty in
identifying one from the other.


In producing resist prints, fabric is first dyed then printed with a chemical which removes the original color in the pattern area.


Pigment (dry) prints should only be dry cleaned, not laundered.

the design is printed onto a white fabric

A direct print is one in which


In a print pattern, getting the colors to match up correctly without distortion or unintended overlap is called


Warp prints can be identified because examination of the fabric will reveal that the fabric warp
yarns possess a printed patte

flatbed or automatic screen printing

The method of printing likely to be used to produce a drapery fabric with a large repeat pattern in an exclusive limited production design would be

flock printing

Which print method would best simulate woven dotted swiss?

100% polyester interlock

Heat-transfer printing would be most effective on a fabric made from

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