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  1. Denotation
  2. narration tradition
  3. cool colors (blues or grays)
  4. Lobel, Arnold
  5. Concrete Poetry (also known as shaped verse or pattern poetry):
  1. a explicit or dictionary meaning of a word
  2. b communicate calmness
  3. c Frog and Toad Together (1972).
  4. d the arrangement of the words on the page is in a shape or pattern that reflects the content in some way. (Livingston, "Whispers")
  5. e pictures want to tell the story either with verbal text or on their own

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  1. Becoming Naomi León.
  2. words
  3. large- power, dominance
    small- weakness, submissiveness
  4. Descriptions, comments, occurrences in a literary work that prepare the reader for occurrences later in the work. The warning at the start of a story often foreshadows events that occur later.
  5. may signal or support and important change in story

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  1. Jacobs, Joseph"Pied Piper of Franchville"


  2. character directionat top of page- dominant, powerful, happy
    at bottom- dominated, powerless, sad
    middle- center of attention? (alone, or isoated? surrounded by friends and happy?)


  3. romantic traditionpresents child's voice and/or perspective and/or focuses on nature and its wonders


  4. Free Versehas no formal rules or set rhythm or rhyme (Eve Merriam "Bam, Bam, Bam" and Langston Hughes, "I, Too, Am America")


  5. Lyric poemtells a story.