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New Directions - Chapter 3 - Computers and the Pursuit of Happiness - Vocabulary


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not real but seeming to be real; almost real or true

In computer games, you can live in _____________ reality.
it is true, I acknowledge that X is true [usually used to make a different or opposite point]

_____________, Joe's a nice guy but he's a really bad worker.
a feeling that you are better than others, a superior attitude or feeling

Linda's _____________ is incredible! She thinks she's the only person who knows how to run this company.
temporarily inactive or hidden, not doing anything now but ready to act or have an effect

The disease remains _____________ in your body for several days before symptoms appear.
to state as a fact, to say clearly that X is true

The authors _____________ that the president knew about the corruption but did nothing about it.
the point or time when something starts to happen or take effect; or, the entrance to a room, a doorway

The pain got worse and reached a _____________ where I needed to take pain killers.
lacking important or necessary things, poor

Janet felt _____________ when she was a child because she was the only child in the neighborhood without a bicycle.
arrival, first appearance, the time when something begins or becomes popular

The _____________ of air conditioning made it possible for people to live easily in Arizona and other hot regions in the Southwest.
to be an excellent example of, to serve as a model of a quality or trend

Ms. Jackson and Ms. Riley _____________ today's generation of young female entrepreneurs.
seeming to be everywhere, very common or easy to find

Coffee shops, especially Starbucks coffee shops, have become _____________ in American neighborhoods.