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A behavior which dictates the individual must ABSTAIN from certain acts dealing with death
A "ribbon cutting" at the opening of a supermarket could best be described as a
A baptism could best be described as a
ritual (rite)
WOTF does NOT describe the joint/extended family unit
urban based (They are rural/farm based)
Within a patriarchal joint/extended family, who would assume control at the death of the father (age 62)
Tom, son - age 37
A MUST BEHAVIOR, the basic patterns of ideas and acts of people are
The science that deals w/ the organization of social groups and how they change or stay the same is called
Rites of funeralization W/ the BODY PRESENT are called
Rites of funeralization W/OUT THE PRESENCE of the BODY itself are referred to as
Memorial Services
An ALL INCLUSIVE term used by people to encompass all funeral and or memorial services is
Funeral Rite
A pattern of living or dying which can be IDENTIFIED IN ALL SOCIETIES is referred to as a
Cultural Universal
The traditional location of the preparation of a dead human body for funeralization was originally in ____ in early America
the Home
Historically the person or persons in charge of the funeral was the
A behavior pattern which is ENFORCED by special AUTHORITY is a
Funeral rites which are DEVOID of RELIGION are
Funeral directors who sense that all cultures and subcultures have valid sets of values are seeing in their clients
Cultural Relativity
A joint extended (Rural/Farm based) family is usually
A joint extended (Rural/Farm based) family is usually
SACRED beliefs reflected in the daily conduct of an individual are part of
Humanistic funerals are DEVOID of
Memorial services are funeral rites W/OUT
a body present
The GROUP aspect of a funeral rite makes the event
a social function
Because funeral rites are present in every known society, the rite would be considered
Cultural Universal
Social behavior that is dictated by TRADITION
is a custom
A specific act or function dealing with death is called
a rite
A DIVISION OF A CULTURE that has traits in common with that culture by has unique traits of it own is a
A family that is governed by the FATHER is
Those funeral rites which follow a PRESCRIBED ORDER of worship dictated by religious tradition are
traditional funeral rites
A SYSTEM OF ABSTRACT PATTERNS of and for both living and dying which are learned directly or indirectly defines
The economic impact of the death of the patriarchal leader in an extended (joint) family is
OTF terms, which best describes MOVEMENT FROM RURAL areas into the SUBURBS
The LOSS of an individual IDENTITY is called
WOTF terms best describes RELOCATION or TRAVEL
The loss of craftsmanship is a result on
STRICT DEPARTMENTAL standards w/ little or no variation is typical of
CONTEMPORARY funeral rites could be considered
adaptive funeral rites
A CLUSTER of 2 or MORE NUCLEAR FAMILIES united by a social bond for security, protection and help is
Modified Extended family
A funeral rite that has been ADJUSTED to reflect the NEEDS & DESIRES of those directly involved is
an adaptive funeral rite
A family that is governed by the MOTHER is
The method by which SOCIAL VALUES are LEARNED is
The process w/ which members of one culture ASSIMILATE the traits of another is called
A term that would best describe the studies of the population is
A EXISTENTIAL STATEMENT about the physical and social world is AKA
a Belief
A man, a woman and their unmarried children in one household is a
nuclear family (JETSONS)
Those funeral rites that DEVIATE from the prescribed circumstances are
non-traditional funeral rites
Consideration made for service is
professional fees
The son and his family are included in
an extended family
Depersonalization leads to
Ecological consideration is a reason given for an increase in
WOTF is a type of cemetery
Memorial Park
No matter the age of the SON, if the oldest MALE dies, he may enter the leadership role in the
patriarchal family
The death of a child would be softened simply by the number of children in a
joint family
WOTF does not describe the nuclear (urban) family
Farmed Based (joint extended/rural)
What change in the American funeral rite is most closely associated w/ improvement in transportation
the selection of funeral homes are no longer made because of proximity
In an exteneded (joint/farm/rural) family, religion is taught at
For the funeral director, urbanization has meant
it is hard to know all the families you serve personally
The tendency of contemporary off-spring to MOVE AWAY & RELOCATE is called
The religious structure of American society is primarily
The educational level of the American Society is generally
very high
The location of funeral rites and preparation during the last 50 years
has changed from the home of the deceased to a modern mortuary
We have seen the greatest acceleration in the use of embalming
since WWII
In the past 50 years, church yard cemeteries
have declined in use in favor of modern memorial park cemeteries
Ford's assembly line of the early 1900's is an example of
The word contemporary means
of the same time
The bereaved person charged w/ the decisions of funeral arrangements will generally be guided by personal values and by
the norms of culture
What serves as the first event signaling the beginning of a new family unit
the funeral
The overall purpose of religion in a funeral service is
to allow for the acknowledgement of the doctrine of atonement
All of the following are valid considerations for cremation as a method of disposition EXCEPT
WOTF would not be an anticipated part of the disposition of human remains when the service is a traditional funeral
a memorial service
Sociology is a branch of
social science
Sociology of funeral service begins w/ the at need arrangement conference and ends w/
graveside service
SOCIOLOGY is concerned w/ EOTF areas EXCEPT
Examining INDIVIDUAL behavior
EOTF are characteristics of culture EXCEPT
it does not impose equally on members of the group
EOTF could be described as a funeral rite EXCEPT
Direct disposition
In reviewing responses to death through sociology, AOTF are correct EXCEPT
Society does not choose funeral rites according to family tradition
WOTF is NOT TRUE about humanistic funerals
They are not healing to the family
The American system of government is best described as
EOTF have affected the nuclear family EXCEPT
an increase in the day to day confrontation w/ death
A causative factor in the creation of the "first death-free generation" is
modern medical technology
The upward occupational mobility of a member of a typical nuclear family unit is
The modern American family is considered to be
The process of socialization is
a lifelong process